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Saturday, January 31, 2009

25 random things..

1. Disney is my favorite EVER!
2. I have the most amazing friends in the world. Words cannot even explain how wonderful they are!
3. I help teach Kindergarten. I love every second of it.
4. I love little kids and babies. They're so dang sweet.
5. Pink and orange are my favorite colors.
6. I love getting a chance to dress up and be fancy. Its fun.
7. My favorite foods are any kinds of berries.
8. I hate cooking. I just see no pleasure in it. 
9. I am a night owl. Typically I am up until 2 or 3 just playing around before I get tired. And therefor I hate mornings. I am so not a morning person.
10. I love music! Almost every single kind. Especially country.
11. I'm a teenage girl..I love boys..
12. Running is so fun! Its so fun just to take off and run a few miles now and then.
13. Pictures. Taking them, posing for them, looking at them. Love them.
14. I have two sweet little sisters who are ten and seven. You are pretty lucky if you ever get to meet them.
15. My house is kind of an orange color. I like it.
16. I love hearts. I have a thing for them. I usually have one drawn on my hand and lots of my jewelry has hearts.. They're cute.
17. I'm a sucker for fairy-tales. They give me butterflies.
18. I love murder shows. They tend to really freak me out but I'm still addicted to them.
19. I love socks! I have so many. Not just the boring, solid color kind. Cute, exciting socks! I especially love knee-highs.
20. I like to swim and hot tub. 
21. My favorite animals are owls, ducks, dolphins and otters. :)
22. I am SO scared of bridges. Whenever I am on them or under them I feel like its going to fall down and kill me and the people I am with. Its terrible. Ugh.
23. Spiders also scare me to death. I refuse to kill one, someone else has to kill them for me. 
24. I love to be happy and I love life!
25. I love LOVE. Being in-love, thinking of love, even just saying it. It is simply the best! <3