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Monday, May 25, 2009


Hello! So..I really wanted to post again but really don't have much to talk about..Well I do actually, my LAST DAY OF HIGH SCHOOL was on friday! I graduate this thursday..Ah! That is exciting..But I have no pictures to go with that.. So I decided to put some pictures up of me and some friends because I am just that bored. :) On Tuesday Katie, Robert, Colton and I went to the park (the dolly park) and just played for many hours. It was really fun! We took a bajillion pictures but I chose four of my favorites. 

I love this one. Katie's freckles are my favorite.
Colton and me! :) 
Katie and I being thoughtful..? (Colton was taking lots of candid pictures..& I like this one) Oh and yes, its sideways, but I still don't know how to turn the pictures!
Robert and Katie! 

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I am now a seminary graduate!

This last sunday I graduated from seminary!! It is SO crazy I am now officially done with seminary. I feel so old.. Anyway here are some pictures of that special event. :) 

Not only am I super lucky to have Katie as a BFF but I am even LUCKIER because she is in my ward! And yes.. She is freakishly tall.
Our funny picture. My daddy decided to stick his head in too.
All the seniors from my ward who graduated seminary. There are a lot of us & this isn't even everyone! A few more people didn't stick around for pics. Lame.
Me & my diploma. 
Those beautiful sisters of mine..
My beautiful family!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

"Last Chance For Romance"

Last night was the Last Chance dance. "Last Chance For Romance" as my daddy would call it. A bittersweet dance because it is my last high school dance EVER!! :( Thats crazy. And sad. Anyway.. The dance was amazing! I went with Brady Hansen who is one of the coolest boys you will ever meet & it was his birthday! :) We had a great time. Oh and please excuse our awkward picture up there. We look like we are afraid to touch each other. Every picture Brady got was cute and we actually had our arms around each other. But the one picture I take with my camera was one of those things where Katie had the camera and started counting 1,2,3 so we just had to hurry and stand by each other and in result we got a picture that looks like we think our date has cooties. How perfect. I promise we weren't really this awkward. :) So anyway we started by picking our dates up and taking them to a park where we painted our shirts we'd be wearing to the dance. (oh and ps, Katie was in my group! Which was fantastic! We've been best friends for years and this is the FIRST dance where we've been in the same group. Its about dang time!!) The shirts were just black and we used some fancy neon paint things to paint our shirts. It was rad. Then we took them to a girl in our groups house (she lived right next to the park) and hung our shirts up to dry. Next we drove up to Bridal Veil Falls to eat our dinner. That was fun but we kind of had to hurry our eating process because we wanted to get to the dance kind of earlier. So I am sure that part could have been more fun, but we had to scurry. After we walked back to our car (the walk was a mile long!) we went back to the girls house and got our shirts, put them on, put our bandanas on (Brady and I were team orange bandanas. Both of our favorite colors!) and decked ourselves out with lots and lots of glow sticks! We looked AWESOME! Then we were off to the dance!! Yay! First we took pictures and the dang line was SOO long. I felt like we stood there forever. Our pictures are going to be so cute, I'm gonna try to post them once I get them! After pictures we danced! :) We stayed until the very last dance. Was it one of the coolest dances ever? Yes! Yes it was! It helped that Brady smelled like heaven! :) Wowie.. Okay anyway..So lots of dancing. Then we lucked out and a girl in our group has a pool in her backyard so after the dance we went to her house and swam! Her pool was heated but it was still pretty chilly! Fun though. Brady sure enjoyed dunking me haha. We played lots of games and did lots of talking. After we all were so tired we got out of the pool cause we decided it would be bad to fall asleep and drown in the pool.. We got all changed back into our normal clothes and then we ate a few snacks but pretty much we were wasted! Our day consisted of hiking, dancing, then swimming. Full body work out! So we drove our cute dates back home, said goodbye, all that good stuff :) and that ended my very last high school dance! 

My group! :) Very fun one. 
Our Silly Picture

AND..HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!! Especially to my mommy! The mommy! I love you honey bunny! :) I am SOOO happy you're my mom, I could not be any luckier!! Mommy, mommy, mommy. :) You're the shiz! LOVE YOU!!

Monday, May 4, 2009


See that tire swing looking thing there with Katie and I? That is her, THAT is Dolly. Me and Katie's other best friend. Dolly has been our friend for about a year now. She solves all your problems. When days are hard, call me and Katie and we'll go swing on Dolly with you. I'm serious, Dolly is therapy. We LOVE her!! We go visit her often. 
Anyway..A few days ago, Katie, Savannah, Adi, Robert White, Logan Merkley and I went to see Dolly. These are just some photos of our play date with her. Enjoy!

Dolly can spin FAST! 
Getting in good ol' Dolly
Katie and Miss Adi. I love this picture. Katie is soooo good to my little sissys.
Katie with Bug. Darling. Savannah loves Katie Lynn.
Katie and I..Doing what we do best.
This is Robert. You cannot tell.. But he is spinning faster than I think ANYONE has spun on Dolly! Logan was pushing him and he was cruising! Then he jumped off and tried to run.. We all played this game but I only got a picture of Robert doing it before my camera died.. :( Maybe next time I'll get all of us..
Katie and I just having our problems whoosh from our minds while on Dolly! :) 
I love both of them!