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Sunday, June 27, 2010


i teach primary. 4-7 year olds.
best. calling. ever.

today at church, i wore a button-up dress.

story time:
girl 1: sister walker? can i unbutton your dress all the way?

me: no, lets keep it buttoned.

girl 1: why?

me: i want to keep my clothes on.

girl 1: are you naked under your dress?

me: umm..

girl 2: she has panties and a bra on! {pointing at my chest}

girl 1: do you?

me: yes.

girl 1: what do your panties look like?

me: i think they're gray.

girl 1: i wanna see them!

girl 2: me too!

boy: {terrified expression on face}

me: no...

girl 1: mine are purple. i don't wear one of those mom things. {again, pointing at my chest.}

girl 2: mine are pink. {i'm not old enough to wear a bra.}

girl 1: pink is my favorite!

girl 2: purple is my favorite!

girl 1: can i see them?

girl 2: yes, can i see yours?

girl 1: sister walker? can i see your mom thing? {grabbing at my chest, this time.}

me: no, pay attention!

girl 1: wanna see my panties?

girl 2: yes!

me: girls, keep your dresses down please.

girl 2: we will if we can see your panties.

again i say it...
i LOVE my calling.

{and don't worry, i had the situation under control.
nobody at any time showed anyone their panties!}

Monday, June 21, 2010


Today he turned 20. He's turning into an old man.
My family and I threw him a party. A rad one, if I do say so, myself.

First, we went to Toy Story 3 {in 3D}
And yes, Todd DID come. Thats him in the frame.
Then we went to his birthday dinner at Zupas.
{It was his FIRST time!}
The whole fam partying.
::funny story:: We went to buy hats for the celebration and stupid Wal Mart had the WORST selection. So we ended up with Winnie the Pooh hats that said "1st." It works though, this is his 1st birthday on his mission!!
Somehow Savannah snuck stinky Walter into a photo.
He's cute with a hat, though, yeah?
I'm in love with the birthday boy!!!

Saturday, June 19, 2010


{no, no that is NOT my doggies real name, ps}

Once upon a time, my parents decided it would be lovely for them if they ran away together for a weekend away from their three children to good ol' SLC. I, being the oldest, agreed to babysit. The girlies and I always have fun together when we're home alone, so it was no big.
The weekend began just like any other. A little cleaning, some tv time, star-gazing, car rides, dancing/singing, Disney chit-chat, etc. Oh yeah...and SULLEY. Oh, Sulley. The worlds most obnoxious animal. I love that cute little giant puppy, dearly, but he annoys the crap out of me. You know, he probably really annoys the crap out of my neighbors, too. How could he not? You see, Sulley loves to bark. I think its his favorite pass-time. He is an outside dog. Why? Because if he's inside for longer than five seconds, he's eaten half of the kitchen and then some. Not a good thing, usually. So we keep him outside. Sulley does not enjoy the outdoors, much. I'm pretty sure he hates it. He's expressed to us multiple times how he'd much rather be inside ruining things like the crazy hooligan he is.
For quite some time, the little dear would stand at our back door and scratch at it TWENTY-FOUR/SEVEN and that, my friends, is not even an exaggeration, although, I deeply wish it was. It drove us BATTY to the point where we'd get in the car and just drive aimlessly in order to be away from the noise. Yeah, it was THAT bad.
Side Note: Have you ever seen 'Marley & Me?' Sulley is perhaps a more mild version of Marley. Scary, eh?
Back to my tale, now. We were finally fed up with the constant scratching on the door, so we put up a baby gate on our porch to block him from the door. It worked great for...well...not long enough. Apparently his Australian Shepherd "brilliance" we've been promised from him decided to come out once the baby gate was put up. Now he stands next to the porch, closest to the door and barks. And barks. And barks. And barks. And barks. And barks......And barks.

::sorry, neighbors::

Funny Side Note: Walter, our other doggie, who we USED to think was naughty is now angel-puppy. He's quiet. Obedient. {well, k. not really obedient but a HECK of a lot more obedient than Sulley...Walter still has this annoying thing that gets me every time. Most dogs, you call their name and they run to you, right? Not Walter. You call his name, he glances at you, then books it the opposite direction.} Long story short, Walter is FAB next to the other dog of ours.
Now, now, I guess I'll be mature and take some of the blame for this. Or really, maybe I should take all the blame. I bought Sulley with the promise to take care of him, which I have, but also to train him to be a good dog. Well, have I trained him?? You probably guessed it. Nope. I'm hoping to get on that soon, though, just so you know.

K now here's the story I was trying to get at since the beginning of this rambley post. Today, before my sissy's had woke up, Walter was barking, so I let him out. Then I figured I'd just let Sulley out, too. He needs all that fresh air and exercise. Sulley sleeps in a crate in the garage, ps. I go into the garage, open the back door and Sulley's crate door and expect him to just run outside like he usually does. {K, wait, you need to know something real quick. For the last week-ish my tail bone has been KILLING me. I waddle. I can't sit normal. You get it... Keep that info in mind, now.} I open his door and he runs out, but then quickly turns around and full on sprints at me. He jumps on top of his crate, then leaps at me. Guys, Sulley is NOT a small animal. Of course, he knocks me over. Oh, and our garage isn't super clean, so I fall over ON MY TAIL BONE onto some box-like thing. Owie! It was one of those where it stung so bad my eyes watered and I was breathing funny.
I collected myself then stood back up slowly and was yelling at Sulley to get out of the garage. Of course, he was eating some paper that was probably important. So I caught him, got it out of his mouth, grabbed his collar and drug him out to the backyard. What do I find when I'm out there? Our gate was wide open. That meant Walter was already somewhere around our neighborhood running around like a wild man. I had let go of Sulley before I noticed the gate was open, so he, too, ran right outside.
Luckily, as soon as I ran out to catch them {remember, I'm in pain} I saw Walter. Our next door neighbors are dog-sitting and Walter was over there...Well... Doing naughty things to the dog. Sicko. I yelled at him to come and of course, I call his name and he takes off, out of sight.
I saw Sulley across the street doing his business in our other neighbors yard. Lovely. Then he decided to pull a Walter and run away when I called his name, too. Usually he's pretty good about coming when you tell him to. Not this time, though.
Well, I was still in pain. I was sleepy and I was mad at my pooches. So I let them be. I went inside.
A few minutes later Sulley ran into our door. Yes, literally. I opened it, and luckily Walter was with him. They both ran inside. Uh-oh. I went after Sulley, because he does the most damage. He went straight upstairs, into my parents room. Guess what he did in there? His business. Dang animal. Before I could get to him, though, he managed to scarf down a few things: half of a pencil, some paper, some silver thing I never got to really get a look at, and I'm pretty sure he ate one of Adi's socks, too.


In conclusion, I finally got the dogs taken care of. I got the yucky stuff in my parents room cleaned up, etc. I just wanted to whine. I need some sympathy, I think.
On the plus side, today reminded me just how badly I need to take Sulley to training. I think I'll get on that sooner, now. Here's to hoping the next time I post about Sulley, its about what a sweet, smart, GOOD doggie he is!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Cutest. Ever.

I want this little boy to be my bestie.
I want to give him a giant hug.
I love him. So will you.
"your future is as bright as your faith."
-thomas s. monson-

{this may be lengthy, i apologize.} I can still remember the days leading up to when Todd left, so clearly. I can especially, vividly remember those few hours we said goodbye to each other, physically. I can recall feeling absolutely nothing and absolutely everything. It was a numbness and a severe pain. A whirlwind of emotions I will never be able to explain. All I can really say about that was I'm glad it is over with, although, perhaps it was one of my favorite moments shared with my beautiful boy.
Todd and I sat on my couch for a while, cuddling and prolonging our goodbye. We said "I love you" more than I think I've ever said those three words in one day. I remember feeling stupid, because I could barely speak, the tears that were streaming from my eyes were overtaking me, I guess. I wish I could have said more. Luckily, Todd could still talk through his flawless tears, and he said all the right things to help me feel calm. We talked a lot about the future, there. We talked about how much we'd miss each other. I remember, vividly, him saying, "I wouldn't be crying so hard if I didn't love you so much." {Probably one of my very favorite things he's ever told me.}
Finally, he had to go. He took his bag of random gifts I gave him, a tie, photographs, the first letter of many, and whatever else. We held each other as we walked to the front door of my house. We hugged and sobbed. I didn't want to let go. It was the most bittersweet feeling I'veever had. More than anything, I didn't want him to leave me for two years. Yet, at the same time, he was going on a mission! I knew, and still know, there is nothing better to do, at his age, than to serve a mission, and he, my boy, made the phenomenal decision to selflessly give of himself for two full years to Heavenly Father. Nothing, nothing made me more proud. Like I said, it was bittersweet. Nothing will ever compare to that feeling.
We said goodbye. I remember when he took a few steps away from me, I realized I wasn't going to touch him again for two years. Again, I felt that pit in my stomach that I loathed. He walked slowly to his truck. We kept yelling "I love you," "I love you more" to each other. He finally got into his truck, honked three times and drove away. We said goodbye. The worst was over.
I ran into our den and sat in a big chair and cried. I cried long and hard. I didn't know what I was feeling. I remember saying a prayer, through my tears, begging Heavenly Father to help me be happy. I remember pouring my heart out, telling Him exactly what was on my mind. My tears went on a few hours longer, until finally I received a text message from Todd. ":) im set apart honey!"
It was the answer to my prayers I had asked for. All at once, I felt peace, and I felt calm. Todd was officially a missionary, officially Elder Oakey. Finally, all that doubt and sadness that was being held inside of me, disappeared. The only emotion I could feel, was pure happiness, excitement and this fantastic energy. It was incredible. I was so pleased with Todd and his decision, and although I knew I wouldn't be able to physically see him for seven-hundred and thirty days, I knew things would be okay.
We talked solidly the rest of that night, into the morning and clear to the time until his family took him to the MTC. It was amazing, the new energy we both had. Heavenly Father had replaced sadness with happiness, and that emotion was tangible, it was so strong. We're so very blessed.

Now, here I am on June 11, 2010. Elder Oakey has been gone for 150 days, with 580 days left, and I am still feeling those blessings of Todd serving a mission. I won't lie, some days are excruciatingly hard and lonely, but I know, with all my heart, that if I pray with faith to Heavenly Father, he'll give me that same peace and comfort and let me know everything is going to work out. Todd and I can do this. We've got this. We're going to make it. We'll see each other again, and pick up where we left off, sooner than we can imagine.
As strange as it feels to say, I'm actually glad {in a way} that Todd is gone. His absence has helped me in so many ways. My favorite reason: "Absence makes the heart grow fonder." Boy, is that true for me. I've been able to set many goals for myself to accomplish by the time Todd is back home. Knowing that Todd is a full time missionary, has also helped significantly with my spirituality. My scripture reading and daily prayer have increased and are more powerful and meaningful, now. I feel like I have to grow in faith to really be worthy of Todd when he gets back. He is spiritually progressing, so I, too, should be. I'm setting more goals for myself, like to learn how to be a good wife and mother. I'm trying to mature as much as needed to be a good homemaker.
Lastly, I'm striving to be more Christlike. Todd got to call me from the airport when he flew to Brazil, and he told me something that has made a lasting impression on me. He told me to be active in the gospel for myself. At first, I don't think I totally understood what that meant, but after I thought about it for sometime, it all made sense to me. I have to be a good church member, be active in the gospel, etc. because I want to. Because I have the faith to. Because I have the drive and the want to do so. So I can prove my worthiness to my Father in Heaven. Not so I can make men proud, not to get attention, not to make someone envy me, etc. It had to be something I had to do, so I could be worthy to return with Heavenly Father, one day. The more I thought about this, I knew the way to do it, was to strive to be Christlike and do my best to do as He would do. {I'm sorry if this doesn't all make sense, its hard to get some of these feelings and thoughts out in words.}

Throughout his mission, Todd has taught me so much more, that perhaps I'll share as I continue to wait for him, but for now, I just felt the need to publicly share my testimony of missionary work, faith and, prayer. I also know, just like Heavenly Father was there for me in my time of need, He will, too, come to your aid if you ask for Him in faith.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

lets talk EXTREME heat

My family and I are lucky duckies. Because we got to go on a fun trip. A fun trip, I admit, I didn't think would be fun at first. Boy was I wrong. Basically, we went down south. We went to Arizona, Colorado, Southern Utah and we were in New Mexico for a whoppin' 10 minutes, maybe.

Of course, there were many long, looong rides..

There was plenty of goofing off in the hotel rooms, too. Thats a must.


We went to Glen Canyon Dam
ps this was definitely NOT the reason I loved this trip so much.
We also went on a tour into Antelope Canyon. Want my opinion? GO THERE.


Grand Canyon.
What did I learn?
You know my dad? BOY is he afraid of heights..

My personal favorite moment of the day:
My mother getting chased by a water-bottle-lovin' squirrel.


Stopped by Meteor Crater
{could they have been less creative coming up with a name, btw? I think not.}

Me. Standing by it.

Me. Standing inside a model of the inside of it.
I rode a cat-lizard..type thing.
Soo typical. She never lets me smooch her face.
Here we are at the Painted Desert. Admiring.
Soakin' in the sun at the Petrified Forest.
Lots and LOTS of trees turned to rocks, here.


I found out my boyfriend is a sheriff.
Monument Valley!
Enjoying natures artwork.
Those 3 tall rocks are called the 3 sisters. Hey! We're 3 sisters. Adi figured out how the rocks were posing. We figured out which ones we looked most like, and posed like them.
You're cool, Miss Adi.
We pretended we were strong.
We were in awe at how teeny we really are.
I showed my daddy some love.
My sisters think its fun to pick me up?..


Made a stop at the Monticello Temple
Mesa Verde
{my FAVORITE day of the trip, ps}
We went up many ladders. Many.
We listened to our tour guide.
We sweat like crazy inside of a Kiva. {indian place of worship, basically.}
I watched my dad concur his fears. You GO daddy-o.
I watched my sisters become Junior Rangers {multiple times)


We hiked to some arches.
Quite amazing, really, guys.
I'm not sure why this photo is here, its out of place..
Anywho.. This is us returning from the hike to Delicate Arch.
Another out of place...
Here we are with fake wildlife.
My favorite kind of wildlife.
Us under Delicate Arch.
SUPER experience.

So that was the trip in a lame-sauce nutshell... It was great. I especially loved Mesa Verde. THAT was wow-tastic, no doubt. I do have to say though... This vacation revolved around Indians and rocks.. I am especially "rocked" out. Big time.

Thats that...

Sunday, June 6, 2010

I'm going to be a serenade-r!

I set myself a goal that I would love to have perfected by the time January 2012 rolls around when a certain, handsome someone comes home from Brazil.

It has been something I've had intentions of doing for quite some time, now. But I'm Princess Procrastination, so of course, I've put my goal-reaching off.

Silly me.


Its crazy what you do to make your significant other happy, right?


My goal: To play the piano really good again, and also to learn how to play the guitar.

I don't want to just kind of know the notes and stuff.. I'm talking I want to be a goooood little musician.

See, Todd has asked if I could serenade him quite often when he gets home. Like.. Sing and play piano/guitar. {Not at the same time, of course! teehee}

You just can't say no to that boy! Or I can't at least...

I figure, I've got a little less than 20 months until my lover-boy is back. That is probably more than enough time to perfect this talent I'll be forcing upon myself, yeah?

Singing? Luckily I've got that down, thanks to countless stupid school choirs.

Piano? I used to be pretty dang good, if I do say so, myself. Then I stopped playing and... The talent has dwindled a bit. So I just need to remind myself on that one.

Guitar? Wow nelly. Until a few months ago, I didn't even know the right way to hold a guitar. So clearly, I've got lots of work to do on that one. It is the one I'm most excited to get good at though, so hopefully that helps. Scary thing is, I'll be teaching myself.. Oye. Last month a friend of mine came over and taught me how to play "You Belong With Me" by Taylor Swift. I can play it really, really, really slow.. Actually, I guess I should say I could play it... My guitar is out of tune now and I don't know how to tune it, so it sounds like crapola when I play it, now.. Yeah, you get the picture.

Friends? Please feel free to bug me often about completing this goal, k? I need people pushing me!! :) I work better that way, I'm pretty sure.

I am pretty excited! I'm gonna kick this goals butt starting tomorrow.