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Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Mommy Comes Home Tomorrow!! & a p.s.

So tomorrow, Sunday March first, our mother comes home from Disney World! She and my dad went without us on Thursday. It has been a difficult few days for us and we're SO happy she'll be home tomorrow. We missed the mommy! Of course now we've got to hurry and clean up the house, do the dishes, ya know, make it look like we've been doing really good at our jobs here! Actually we have though. The girls have practiced piano every day and did their homework. The house could use a little bit of work..haha. Anyway.. The girls and I have had a lot of fun while the parentals were gone. On Thursday we were on that high, knowing that mom and dad were gone. We had a dance party, woot! We danced to the High School Musical 3 Senior Year cd for hours on end. We got our workout needless to say. It was rad. On Friday we just sat at home, talked a lot, made up a dance, went and got food then ate at in the Provo Temple parking lot. That is our tradition. If our parents are ever gone, that is what we do. Usually its breakfast but we never had time this time around, so it was dinner this time. Today we went and saw the Jonas Brothers 3D concert with Savannah's darling friend Jess. It was actually good, course I like the Jonas Brothers so there ya go. :) We also went to the Disney Store, then on a ride, got ice cream then played some more at home. Maybe that sounds boring, but we had FUN FUN FUN! But, still so happy to have the mommy coming home tomorrow.

Okay now the ps stuff.. So I've modeled a few times here and there and just recently I got to model for a few college students who are majoring in photography. It was really fun. Yesterday I finally got some of the pictures back! Okay, I promise I am not naked in the first one. And the make up is super dark, I call it hooker make up! haha.. But other than that.. The shoot was fun. The people I worked with were really nice, I enjoyed it quite a lot. 
Anyway I talked to one of the people who did my pictures and he said the ones that I posted have made it into his portfolio, in BYU's photography hall (whatever that is), is being studied by a UVU photography class and he got high reviews for the last picture I posted. I think that is pretty nifty! It was fun stuff.. Maybe I'll post more as I get them..

So I just need to throw this in.. We did this shoot in the middle of winter. With snow on the ground. Now take a look at the dress I am wearing. Brrrr. I was so freezing. But they insisted on that one!! I wish you could really see how straight my hair was, it was amazing. Those pros are good. :) 

Monday, February 23, 2009

Because I love Kindergarten

For those of you who don't know, I am interning during third and fourth period at Sage Creek Elementary and I work with Mrs. Porter, one of the Kindergarten teachers. Pretty much working with these kids is my favorite thing ever. They're just the sweetest. They are little angels. I totally wish everyone in the world acted like my Kindergarten friends. It doesn't matter who you are, what you do, what you look like, etc, they will ALWAYS be your friend and play with you. They always try to find the best in each other and they're so encouraging to one another. Seriously, I've learned so, so much by being in with them. They are such examples to me. That may sound kind of cheesy but its the truth. They are wonderful, I love them. They always seem to go out of their way to compliment me or another friend. Often times when I walk into class I am greeted with their sweet smiling faces and hugs, which just make my day. There is nothing better than a hug from those cuties. All my little girls always compliment my outfit, hair, and make-up and on the days I don't get super ready, they never fail to tell me that I should "wear your hair down and wear lots of make up." Its just the best. Anyway, I decided to introduce you all to my "afternoon friends" aka some of my favorite people ever ever ever!
Chelsea, Zander (he and I work together a lot to finish his work, he's cute. he has such a sweet smile and cute stories), Gage (the tiniest sweetest little guy ever, he is so fun to work with), and Grace (such a princess, this is the girl who is always telling me how to look prettier!) 
Chelsea, Addy (she mothers every other friend in class, so cute), Krista (loves to get praise and talk about her family), Colby (hilarious little guy, always has a joke for me, and let me tell ya, they're good ones!) Leah (LOVE her! She is also in my ward and she is just the sweetiest little girl), Alexis (darling little girl, she loves to get her work done perfectly)
Chelsea, Cashlynn (she is a perfectionist and likes to make sure all of our other friends are getting their work done, she is also very interested in my personal life), Bryton (sweetie-pie. oh gee I love him. He loves to tell stories and just talks my ear off, he's the dearest little guy), Anthony (he is my little shy guy. he's precious. he has the cutest smile and the sweetest laugh), Taylor (this kids a genius. I'm convinced he is smarter than I am. He's amazing!)
Cooper, (he was my next door neighbor FOREVER, I just love, love, love him. He loves to tell our friends how he always knew me first and he thinks its pretty cool how we both know so much about each other! He just cracks me up), Carson (Oh this kid really gets me. He gives me the "shooter" all the time. I love him. He is so genuine and always asks how I'm doing and it feels like he really does care, he is also quite a handsome little guy), Samuel (He's in my ward too, and he is also a genius! Wowie. He is so sweet, he loves to show me his work and tell me stories), Joseph (he is also in my ward. Super cute. He loves that we're in the same ward. He always gives me the first hug at class and always hugs me and church, too. He is so cute.)

Monday, February 16, 2009


Saturday, Valentines Day was the schools Sweethearts dance! I decided to make a post dealing with everything that went along with this dance. So first of all, a sweet boy named Dave asked me. I already posted and told how he asked me, but here are some pictures. The one below is scary..He asked me when I was sick so I am looking like a million bucks! :) But look how pretty those roses are!
This is the cute little note he left.. Aww. There were eleven roses and a mirror. Really though, this Dave is a sweetie. One of the most respectful boys on the whole earth I am pretty sure.
So thats how he asked..Heres how I answered.. We tin foiled his car and that green paper says something like "I'd hate to FOIL your plans, my answer is YES!" The mommy and I had a blast answering him..I believe I already posted about that experience as well..
Now this is when I was getting ready! Woohoo. We curled my hair and my mom put each curl up in bobby pins to let the curls set.. So this is me waiting for the curls to get all purdy. :) ha.
Ah then wonderful picture time before the date comes. Always fun, right? My bestie Katie let me borrow that dress. Its so pretty! Ah. I really liked it. Oh and notice my broken elbow.. We took the big ugly black brace thing off for the dance but I still had to wear that bandage thingy. That made dancing kind of complicated..But I lived.

More posing.. My mom wanted both my hands under my chin but due to my unbendable elbow I could not do that haha.. We really liked my hair.. It doesn't usually curl this nicely.
Oh hey look! And here is my date, Dave. You can't really tell but the corsage he got me had a ribbon on it that matched my dress PERFECT. I swear he cut a piece of my dress off and stuck it to the corsage! It was really pretty!! 
We had a very fun night. He picked my up around six and we  doubled with his friend Drew and his date Janelle. We went to Octavios (no idea how to spell that, sorry) where we had reservations at six thirty but ended up not being seated until seven thirty. Oh and we waited outside the whole time. FREEZING! After dinner we went to the dance and got pictures.. We were at the dance for probably two to two and a half hours. Lots of dancing :) Then after the dance we went to Dave's house and watched Hot Rod. (oh gee that movie..) Anyway that was my date!
Pretty fun night!! 

Thursday, February 12, 2009

My New Pretty Flowers

Hello! I have a cute story for you. Today there was a little note on my door saying that a flower delivery had been made to me but nobody was home when they came by..They gave me the address of our neighbor who they had given it to so as soon as the mommy and I saw this we walked over to their house but no one was home at their house!! So we had to wait a while to find out who they where from and to see what they looked like! Thats tough stuff waiting. Anyway later at school this boy named Duncan who lives at the house where my flowers were taken told me that the flowers where at his house and that he'd bring them to me later. I was happy. So after school came and he hadn't brought them. The mommy and I decided to just go get them..So we did. They are gorgeous! I love them. My dear sweet special friend Landon, who is currently serving a mission in Utica, New York sent them to me! (well actually he had his mom send them..but same diff) There was a little note and it said "Be My Valentine. Love Elder Slater" it was really cute. It just made my day. There were a ton of different kinds of flowers in this so I posted a couple pictures so you could see how pretty..
Pretty, huh? There is one rose, orchids, daisies, snap dragons, babies breath and carnations. Ah I just love them. They're pretty pretty PRETTY! What a sweet Landon friend I have. :) 
Now this is just a quick update on the elbow..Well its not really even an update..I just decided to post a picture of me with the stuff on my elbow. I've got a bandage and brace..It works alright I guess! My elbow still kills. Its this evil 24/7 pain. :( how rude. I don't enjoy it. It is really hard to sleep at night especially. But its all good!! 

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

"I'm Gonna Bite Your Butt!!"

Once upon a time on sunday night Savannah and Adi were supposed to be in bed. Those silly little girls kept coming downstairs telling us random stories or saying their ever famous line "I need to get a drink." Anyway..I was kind of sick of them coming down so I decided to chase Savannah up the stairs. As I was chasing her I yelled, "I'm gonna bite your butt!" Then my mom decided to chase me and yell "I'm gonna bite your butt" at me! Ok so you need to know I HATE when people follow me up the stairs at my house cause it always seems like they pinch me or bite me or something similar to that and it ends up scaring the crap out of me. I very much dislike that. So my mom yells that and I immediately spin around and sit down as hard and as fast as I can on the stairs. While doing this I smacked my elbow into the wall or stair and also hit my back pretty hard on the stairs. Owie. :( Anyway..It hurt my elbow pretty bad but throughout the rest of the day it just kept hurting worse and started to kind of swell a wee bit and it was just very ouchie. That night I couldn't sleep. There was no comfy position. Then yesterday I went to school and pretty much my elbow still was super hurty. So I told my mom to call and get me a doctors appointment cause it just hurt that bad. So she texts me during school and tells me I have a doctors appointment at 4:10. So then after school came and we were headed to the doctors. Oh here's a cool side note.. Apparently I still go to my pediatrician . Yeah I felt pretty cool waiting in the waiting room decorated with a giant play house, and kiddish paintings on the wall. And to make it better there was this little girl who insisted on playing with me while waiting. Her name was Lexi and she was four "and next I'll be five!" Finally I go into see my doctor who totally talks to you  like you're five years old (but thats ok-I love him. He's rad.) and he looked at my elbow and he told me how it looked pretty swollen and after seeing my small range of movement he guessed it was a break so he sent me to get an x-ray of it. Then we go to the radiology lab where I get my x-ray (the x-ray people said it looked like a break, too) Then I was asked to sit in their waiting room for ten minutes while they looked at the results, then they'd tell my doctor, then he'd call me in the waiting room and tell me what was up with my elbow. After a while of waiting he called me and delivered the news that I had fractured my elbow. hahaha.. So now I'm wearing a brace and sling and in some pain. My elbow has a constant ouchie heartbeat and its just grand. 
So there is a moral to this story.. Don't chase your kids up stairs yelling that you are going to bite them because it could end in fractured bones and nobody likes that! At least its kind of a cool story! Almost as cool as when I separated my shoulder by barely being bumped and running into a wall. I am learning I'm a fragile person. 
Anyway that is my story..Hope you enjoyed! :)

Friday, February 6, 2009

The Adventures of Answering and Asking

So! A few days ago a sweet friend of mine named Dave asked me to the upcoming Sweethearts dance at my school. He is a very nice boy. He asked me in a very sweet way, too. He doorbell ditched me and I answered the door to find a bunch of roses, a small mirror and a little note laying on my porch. The note said "Now that you've seen a dozen of the most beautiful things, will you go to Sweethearts with me? -Dave" K here is what is so cute to me. I looked at the roses and there were eleven..Then there was the mirror, so me looking in it made twelve! Awww!! It was kinda ironic though, the day he chose to ask me was the day I looked my worst! I was still sick and had done absolutely nothing with myself that day, so what I saw in the mirror wasn't necessarily as beautiful as it could have been-but its the thought that counts! So yeah, that was just cute! Then I had to think of a way to answer him! I'm not the most creative thing in the world so I usually just ask or answer boys in ways that other boys have asked or answered me.. My mom and I decided it would be fun to wrap up his car with aluminum foil and have a small poster that would say "I don't want to FOIL your plan.. My answer is YES!" I was asked in a super similar way to Prom last year except it wasn't my car that was all wrapped up in the aluminum foil, it was my room. Seriously EVERY single last thing in it! So cute! :) So anyway we procrastinated forever but tonight my mom and I finally did it! For the last few days we've been driving by Dave's house but we've found out he parks in his garage so we could never do it! Sometimes we'd see his car at school but we were worried other kids would tear it up and whatnot. Tonight we were driving around and passed Dave's friend Drew's house. (Drew is in my ward.) Anyway, Dave's car was there! So the mommy hurried and called Drew's mommy and told her to keep those boys inside while we aluminum foiled his car! Well Drew's mom told us that Drew, Dave and a few other friends were at Sonic and would be back in 20-25 minutes.. So now we had a time limit. Eeek! The mommy and I spent about 25 minutes wrapping up his car as quick as we could, cutting our poor little hands and fearing every single car that passed, thinking maybe it was theirs! However the mission was successful and they never even saw us! And we finished just in time because just seconds after we were done and left, Drew's mommy told us they had just pulled in. Go us!! Woo!
Okay now being at Drew's house reminded me of this story.. Once upon a time, for Morp my bestie Sarah decided to ask Drew. So we threw together a simple little way to ask him and drove over to his house to doorbell ditch him. Sounds simple, right? WRONG! It was terrifying. I'll tell you why.
When we had pulled up to Drew's house, we decided to park in his neighbors driveway so he wouldn't see her car too easily. So we run the stuff up to his porch and display it all cute then ring the doorbell and run our little booties off and hid in between a giant snow bank (her car was on the other side of this snow bank-this is vital to the story) and their durango. So we're squatting there behind the car and we hear them answer the door and we hear Drew's little brother answer the door and yell, "DOORBELL DITCHERS! LETS GET EM!" Then Sarah and I looked at each other going oh crap! what are we gonna do? Next thing you know his little brother and little sister are coming at us with snowballs! Hucking them at us and yelling at us! We had to make a quick getaway. So guess what we did? We ran through the giant snowbank! Brrr! This dang pile of snow came to a little above my belly button, so we're talking LOTS of snow! And to make it better, I was wearing a dang skirt! We were probably thinking to ourselves as we ran through all this snow that there is no way these little kids would follow us though, but oh no, they did! Still throwing snowballs and scaring us to death. Sarah and I were screaming our little brains out. Finally we made it to her car and these kids chased us clear to the doors! We got in as fast as we could! There was lots of freaking out in the car at this moment. Then pretty much we pulled out as fast as we could and screamed all the way home. The end. :) 

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Icky, Sicky and Bored

The title sums it up. That has been the name of my last few days. Actually its been everyones last few days in my family except for my daddy. He is officially the only healthy person living here. 
See a few days ago Adi and Savannah were both sick with high fevers and yucky coughs, the poor darlings. Then on sunday night the mommy and I both kinda started feeling some sickness coming on. Dang it! The next morning at 4 am I woke up and threw up. Ew. Sick. Gross. Ugh. Bluh. I hate throw up a whole freaking bunch. Yucky. Then later that day I talked to the mommy and she wasn't feeling so hot either. She hadn't thrown up but she had a yucky cough and a headache. So the last few days we've all been just laying around our house doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Which in my opinion is SO boring! Ah. 
Savannah and Adi got to go back to school today, so thats happy news! Savannah had to go to present her science fair project, (which I, ME, finished last night) and Adi just loves school and today was her 100th day party thing. Woohoo! She loved it. They are doing much better though. Now it is me and the mommy's turn to get feeling better! 
I am very aware this is not an exciting post at all but as the title says, I'm stinkin' bored so I just decided I'd tell you all why! :) 

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Senior Ball Baby!!

Yesterday was Springville's Senior Ball! Pretty much it was rad. I went with a big group of girlfriends and we just danced our little hearts out. This dance was stag, so we weren't bound to one guy the whole night which was quite fantastic I must say! My friends and I vowed that we would dance every single dance and we stuck to it. Which meant if by the first twenty seconds of a slow song a guy hadn't asked us, we'd spread out and go ask some lucky man ourselves. :) 
So basically we got to the dance and paid our $20 (which in my opinion was WAY too much but whatev..) Then we went and claimed a lovely little table then we all took turns waiting in an enormous line to serve ourselves some dinner. We would have all gone at the same time but the people there were really fighting to find seats and apparently everybody wanted ours! Maglebeys (however the heck you spell that) catered this dance. I was expecting some yummy food but it was, in my opinion, quite the disappointment. All we got was a tiny little roll, some unidentified noodle type thing and a salad. Oh and a teeny piece of cake and a really picked over variety of soda.. 
However the dinner isn't what we went there for anyway, so we got over our sadness real fast! Finally the dance started and so began the party. We did some serious dancing. My friends and I are kind of addicted to dancing. We boogie like there is no tomorrow and leave it all on the dance floor. I tell ya, its a serious workout.Woo! 
My little peach of a best friend Sarah Benson let me borrow her dress which I just loved! Except that it was about five inches too long which gave my dancing some complications but that didn't stop me! And it was pretty cool, Sarah wore one of my dresses! So we did a cute little swap! Yay! Anyway..I hope you enjoy my random pictures of my dress. I feel real silly posting pictures of myself, I promise I'm not way into myself or anything :) Just thought you guys would like to see my dress!