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Thursday, June 25, 2009

My New Work Out..

This is the bike that has made several long hours of my summer H E double hockey sticks. 
A weekish ago my mom bought Savannah and Adi new bikes. Savannah luckily already knows how to ride one but Adi doesn't and somehow I'm the one that got put in charge of taking her out teaching her. I didn't think it would be a big deal but OH MY HECK its crap. I get abused the whole dang time! 
The first day I took her out she was pretty freaked out but slowly got a little more confident so we decided to ride around our block. I ran next to Adi, occasionally holding her bike (but she did most of it on her own but don't tell her that or she'd kill me!) and giving her a pep talk the whole time telling her how great she is doing, etc. We were almost half way around our block when some neighbors were out in their driveway and said hello to us. Well for whatever reason this freaked Adi out so in typical Adi fashion (and typical Chelsea fashion, too, I guess. My mom says she rides bikes just like I used to.. She likes to say Adi went to the "Chelsea Walker school of bike riding. Apparently I liked to dive off my bike if I got scared too, only then I'd proceed to get back up, kick my bike and yell at it! heehee), she bails, letting go of her handle bars and taking her feet off the pedals and grabbing on to me. I wasn't ready for this so in result, Adi and I put on a little show for our neighbors.. We both tumbled to the ground scrapping up both of our knees and elbows. 
So that was cool.. Then the other day we were out practicing again and I was holding the back of her seat but then she went down a dip in the sidewalk so her bike shot out of my hand and she starts to freak out..So I run as fast as I can to try to catch her except then she puts her breaks on so I am coming full speed at her stopped bike! I attempt to jump over her tire but end up knocking her and her bike over onto the cement while I tumble into a neighbors garden..
Plus there are just the scratches I'm getting from her pedals hitting my legs but those don't seem very bad compared to the multiple road burns I have covering my body.. And those are only SOME of our crash stories.. We have multiples. All I can say is Adi better learn how to ride that dang bike or else she is gonna have to find a new teacher! I can only take so much abuse..

one of MANY times saving Miss Adi
my new full body workout routine
Adi pouting
"I just hate riding my bike, Chels! Can we please be done?!"
I found myself on the bike on many occasions 

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

5th grade survey!

I have wanted to post about something cool for quite a while now but it turns out there just isn't anything that exciting going on in my life right now.. I'm not going to school, I don't have a job, all I do is sit at my house, shop, go on dates, play with friends..just simple stuff like that. So the other day I asked the mommy what I could blog about and she just told me to blog about anything random.. Well..Today I was going through a box in my room with papers from when I was in fifth grade, one of the papers I found was a survey that I'm pretty sure I took around the end of the year. I thought some of the answers were pretty funny & it was cool to see how much I have changed from fifth grade to now being graduated from high school. Anyway..So for my random post I've decided to type out the Q&A with my answers from fifth grade and my answers now!
*Key: blue=5th grade answers & orange=now answers
1. My name is: Chelsea Walker 
Chelsea Walker is still my name :) 
2. Age: 11
3. Favorite Color: Yellow & Purple
Orange, pink & purple
4. Favorite Food & Drink: Mac'n'Cheese, Sprite
Berries & Water
5. What I want to be when I grow up is a: Mother, Doctor, Star
A mommy of course, and a Kindergarten teacher
6. My best friend is: Katie Felix
Katie Snelson (I tend to go for the Katie's I guess!)
7. My favorite game to play at recess is: Chase the boys who play basketball
Its been a loooong time since recess but when I taught Kindergarten I always liked playing  "bakery" with my class..
8. My favorite thing to learn about is: Reading
Health, how the body works, etc
9. My favorite sport is: Soccer
10. My favorite hobby is: Playing with Savannah
Playing with my buddies!! (Savannah is still one of them), dancing, too..
11. My favorite song is: Bye-Bye-Bye (Nsync)
I have a billion..bye bye bye unfortunately is no longer on my list though.. 
12. The thing I like to do the most is: Anything fun
Well..I still like anything fun!! Especially fun stuff with my friends & fam.
13. My favorite TV show is: The Disney Channel shows
14. In 5 years I see myself: In high school
Possibly married, maybe a kid or two.. Working.. Being HAPPY! 
15. In 10 years I see myself: Married in a temple with kids and a big house
Married by now, a few kids, hopefully I'm a stay at home mom.. We'll see. Oh and I'll still 
be happy & wouldn't mind that big house! 
16. Something I want the world to know about me is: I am friendly to everyone
Hmmm..The whole world. idk.. I'm a happy person, I like to have fun.. Thats a terrible
answer but I really don't know what to say.. 
17. My favorite childhood memory is: Sitting in a blanket with Katie and sliding down my stairs
Singing with my Grandpa Glade & going on our MANY Disney trips! 
18. My favorite teacher is: Mrs. Scow
Mrs. Hammond..LOVE her.

Savannah suggested that I put pictures of myself from fifth grade and from now on this post.. I thought it was a good idea BUT there are no pictures of me that young on this computer.. So you'll have to settle with the two Savannah chose of me to put on.. Both random & scary but she insisted. :) 

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

One of those random, stupid, yet fun games!

I know I've done something like this before but I got sent another, kinda different one, so I'm doing it again! Feel free to copy & paste it and do one for yourself! They're funny stuff!!

rules: take your name and the bolded words and type them into google..choose the first 3 sentences that come up after your search and see what you get!

1. Chelsea can be beaten 
2. Chelsea can still win (i can be beaten but still can win..hmmm..)
3. Chelsea can still see the light

1. Chelsea can't dance (i beg to differ)
2. Chelsea can't afford her own parade (dang. i wanted one.)
3. Chelsea can't keep her hands off of him (well gee..)

1. Chelsea always plays by the rules
2. Chelsea always gets the gold (yeah baby!)
3. Chelsea always brings it (thats me alright)

1. Chelsea the fifth floor (strange..)
2. Chelsea the football club blogger (i'm TOTALLY the football club blogger, duh!)
3. Chelsea the victim of the attack (oh how sad for me)

1. Chelsea annoys bar-goers (i wasn't looking to impress them anyway)
2. Chelsea annoys people 
3. Chelsea annoys me (i am annoying, i guess!)

1. Chelsea has fat, beefy man arms (now that is just rude!)
2. Chelsea has gone to the dogs (shucks)
3. Chelsea has the sexiest man (heehee!!)

1. Chelsea loves a Jonas Brother (nick IS my favorite)
2. Chelsea loves All Time Low (they're a good band)
3. Chelsea loves your Myspace layout (do I?)

1. Chelsea wishes she knew what she wants (at times, yes)
2. Chelsea wishes she were a size 8 (thats odd..that would involve me getting bigger which is not something i usually wish for..)
3. Chelsea wishes she could cook healthy food (just to cook in general would be nice)

1. Chelsea needs to be remembered, or killed off  (i vote remembered)
2. Chelsea needs a strike and FAST!! (doesn't everyone?!)
3. Chelsea needs stability (i suppose..)

1. Chelsea is so very beautiful (oh goll)
2. Chelsea is in agony and in need of a man (way to make me sound pathetic)
3. Chelsea is after your hair (you better watch out for me!)

Friday, June 12, 2009

my side of the story (family trip to the east)

A few weeks ago my family and I went on a vacation to the east. We went to Washington D.C., New York, Vermont, etc. Anyway, my mom did a really good job at posting about the trip and talking about where we went so I decided my post would just be some of the random pictures that were taken during the trip. I hope you enjoy! :) 

me and some friends hangin'
this is a picture to show you how nasty and huge and fluffy my hair gets in the humidity 
lunch time!
my dad, his girls & and elephant 
me and the wright brothers. we go way back.
dance picture with the skeleton
in the jaws of a shark is a scary place to be
being president
looking deep into his handsome eyes
showing my sympathy for that poor injured man
me and my buds listening to that guy talk
this is my lame attempt at making the same face as that head behind me
as you can see i was very unsuccessful
being a sleeping person
more swimming. such fun!
me with my friends the Washington's
from left to right Washy, George, Chelsea, Martha and Nelly
in this cab adi didn't have a seatbelt so savannah and i made one with our arms
swimmin' buds
cute miss adi carrying me sorry bout the blur 
i can't remember what this is..but its a cute window.
don't mess. we mean business.
i love my little bug
coolest road name ever
this picture blows my mind. its amazing.
at a monument having some fun
just chillin' in the hotel room
lion king on broooooaaaadway!! (sing-songy voice)
my sissys and my new nieces alison and zoe :) 
looking at plymouth rock
being good little crew members
taking a peek at whats inside his cup..nothing.
just helping him hammer stuff, i'm a big help
the mayflower is some exciting business, folks
my engagement picture to mister scary indian man.
this picture was going to be really cool but the sun totally washed out my fiances face :( lame
we are friends
me hangin' with my stuck up pilgrim peeps
(yes my stuck up face is terrible but i had the giggles so thats the best i could do)
thats the fake mayflower behind us. it woulda been cooler if it were the real deal.
savannah is freakishly strong. and amazingly adorable
rejoicing the fact that i got my own bed that night! 
(except i ended up having adi come join me..)
"pot head"
we were on a joseph smith tour thing and i happened to stand under this pot of flowers and it looked like it was sitting on my head. oh cute.
we were in the cars many hours this day. we got bored.
we were driving from vermont to palmyra, i believe.
Apparently this is the pose you do when you're bored in the car
Notice Adi in the background pouting cause she is in the backseat. :) 
Hill Cumorah spinning! 
Farmer Chelsea (in a barn by the Smith home)
my best friends and me in the sacred grove. very pretty place.
please go there someday.
looking at flowers i guess..
This slug was at the temple, therefore it is a mormon slug. we saw a mormon deer too but didn't get a picture..
The temple in Palmyra 
At Niagra Falls with my cutie-pa-tooties