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Thursday, February 12, 2009

My New Pretty Flowers

Hello! I have a cute story for you. Today there was a little note on my door saying that a flower delivery had been made to me but nobody was home when they came by..They gave me the address of our neighbor who they had given it to so as soon as the mommy and I saw this we walked over to their house but no one was home at their house!! So we had to wait a while to find out who they where from and to see what they looked like! Thats tough stuff waiting. Anyway later at school this boy named Duncan who lives at the house where my flowers were taken told me that the flowers where at his house and that he'd bring them to me later. I was happy. So after school came and he hadn't brought them. The mommy and I decided to just go get them..So we did. They are gorgeous! I love them. My dear sweet special friend Landon, who is currently serving a mission in Utica, New York sent them to me! (well actually he had his mom send them..but same diff) There was a little note and it said "Be My Valentine. Love Elder Slater" it was really cute. It just made my day. There were a ton of different kinds of flowers in this so I posted a couple pictures so you could see how pretty..
Pretty, huh? There is one rose, orchids, daisies, snap dragons, babies breath and carnations. Ah I just love them. They're pretty pretty PRETTY! What a sweet Landon friend I have. :) 
Now this is just a quick update on the elbow..Well its not really even an update..I just decided to post a picture of me with the stuff on my elbow. I've got a bandage and brace..It works alright I guess! My elbow still kills. Its this evil 24/7 pain. :( how rude. I don't enjoy it. It is really hard to sleep at night especially. But its all good!! 


  1. my poor little pookie..
    BUT this is the 2nd time you've got a bouquet of flowers in the last 10 days.. from different boys... its hard for anyone to feel TOO sorry for you! :)

  2. Wow! What a nice friend and beautiful bouquet!! I especially love the daisys.

  3. Beautiful flowers Chelsea Kate! :)

  4. What who else gave you flowers? I don not sympthize with you and your arm. You will survive. haha Gorgouse flowers from Landon.

  5. okay nevermind now I remember how the other flowers were from. Duh me! Hope you had fun at Sweethearts.!!