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Saturday, March 27, 2010

two i'm proud of..

more to come..

Friday, March 26, 2010

i wonder..

Lately I've been thinking: I want to have a job.. I want to have a scrapbooking/card making business, sort thing..

Would any of you be interested in me doing some of your scrapbook pages, etc?

I will do a post soon of examples of the way I scrapbook & such so you could get a feel for how it'd look.. I'd just like to know if anyone would even be interested..

Thank you.

Monday, March 22, 2010

the price of beauty

If you are ever in a self-hating mood & also want smooth legs, boy do I have the gadget for you!

The epilator. AKA.. Evil. I'm serious. Painfully serious.

You plug it in, turn it on and run it up and down your legs as it yanks the hair out by the roots. It is freakin' painful, guys. BUT it works. Like..It works really well.

It tests how long you can stand excruciating pain. It also tests how long you can hold your breath, flex your muscles in terror and keep your tears in.

Sounds awesome, right?

Guys.. I am proud to say, I made it! BOTH my legs are smooth, smooth, smooth. My mom and I tried this baby out a while ago, last summer I think? Well.. We didn't make it far. It hurts.

But this year must be my year.


Really though, smoooooth legs. And they stay this way a long time. Maybe you want to try it? But.. Maybe you shouldn't.

Mostly.. I just needed to brag and say I DID IT!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

My Little Sarah..

Know what is pretty cool?

When one of your very best friends is crowned Miss Springville/Mapleton 2010

Yeah thats right, my Sarah Kay is now that girl.

I'm proud of her. She deserved it. She did amazing.

Her talent was piano--that girl can play. She nailed her interview and of course, she looked lovely in the the evening wear and swim suit.

Its pretty exciting!!

{being crowned Miss Springville/Mapleton 2010 by Miss Springville/Mapleton 2009, Cathy Leavy}
{cutie girl}

Thursday, March 18, 2010

lucky ducky

I am thankful, very, very thankful for the amazing friends that I have.
Last night we had a sleepover. A St. Patricks day sleepover. It was great.

Chelsea and I, we're both waiting for missionaries.. There is a boy Kourt is quite close with who left yesterday & Miss Cassie's boyfriend shall be leaving on his mission soon.

I'm sure it isn't hard to guess what we did.. We talked about our men.

It couldn't have been more fun. We laughed, we cried, we slept, we danced, we sang, we had too much fun.

It is nice to know that I've got such great friends who help the time pass.
I love them.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

i wonder..

Today I was thinking: long, deep & hard.
It is insanely crazy how life plays out, you know?

For example.. I was thinking of Savannah. She is 11 and will be dating in 5 years. Now I know thats a ways away, thank goodness, but dating is amazing, so I think about it and how I imagine it will be for her.. I wonder who she'll date.. I remember when I was a little girl, I had a plan. I had a few boys in mind who I'd date (thank heavens I never did), I had my high school years planned out, I knew what I'd be when I grew up, I had my husband all planned in my head, I was set. Well.. NONE of my plans actually fell through. My first boyfriend was a kid I'd gone through elementary school with but had no idea about until I met him my sophomore year, my second boyfriend was the exact same way. Another one of my boyfriends was a very close friend to one of the boys I planned to date.. Never in a million years did I think I'd date him.. But look, I did.

I remember thinking my best friends I had then would always be my best friends.. That plan didn't fall through either. Unfortunately, I'm barely in contact with those boys and girls anymore. Somehow I lost touch with them and now find myself with new, amazing best friends.

It is just plain ol' CRAZY how things work out.

However, I'm grateful that they've played out how they have.. I have the best, best friends in the world. I have a boyfriend I never even knew about when I was younger, but he is perfect and I wouldn't trade him for anything. I don't go to BYU, but I'm fine with that.. Sometimes I don't even know if I consider myself a 'BYU fan'.. {Blame Toddy.} I don't have millions of dogs and cats (I have 2 dogs and 1 cat and thats 2 dogs and 1 cat too many, if you ask me), I'm not going to be an actress or a physical therapist.. I'm going to be a teacher, something I told myself I'd never do..

Know what? Its all good. I LOVE the way my life is going.

Back to the point now.. I am so overly excited to watch Savannah and Adi grow up and see where their lives take them. I can't wait to see what boys they date. I can't wait to see who they go to prom with, who they'll ask to preference. I can't wait to hear who their crushes are, I can't wait to see who in the ward they date, (I've steadily dated 3 wardies..) I can't wait to see who their friends are. I can't wait to see what they chose to do with their schooling, what they'll be when they grow up, etc.

Life is pretty exciting..

Monday, March 15, 2010


i have an embarrassing moment i'd like to share with you.. if you don't mind.


well.. today i was driving home from school, nothing special. same ol', same ol'.

i was getting off the springville exit and was stopped at the light when i discovered something. i was really warm. so i hurried, took off my seat belt and tried to pull my tight (key word, tight) hoodie off.

as it turns out..my hoodie being so tight caused something else to happen. guys, i pulled more than just my hoodie off. my shirt decided to be mean to me and come off, too. yes, i was topless. em.bear.uh.sing.

its not like i was on some isolated street.. i was in the front row on the freeway exit with one car to the right of me and millions of cars driving past. i was very not out of sight. in fact, i was quite IN sight.

well wait, i wasn't completely topless! thank heavens there was still the bra.. but still, thats topless enough, yeah? yeah..

guess what? then the light turned green. i was frazzled. quickly as i could i threw my shirt back on and was redressing myself while trying to make my way into my correct lane and not draw the unnecessary attention to me, bra woman. i've got to say, i think i was pretty sneaky. you didn't know i was so talented, did you?

actually, everyone could have been looking at me, idk. i smartly decided NOT to make eye contact with anyone the rest of that drive home..

ahh.. i can only imagine what the person next to me was thinking as i was sitting at the light taking my clothes off.

crazy kids these days..

Monday, March 8, 2010


hello. i have news.. i love this movie.
Alice in Wonderland

The girl who plays Alice is adorable and I love each outfit she wears in this film. I'm jealous. Now I wish I could have been Alice!!

P.s. The CD, Almost Alice.. Also, good. Like, very good. They're songs inspired from the movie. 18 of them, in fact. I recommend it.

That is all. Have a good day!