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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Come Do A Happy Dance With Me

Want to know what the greatest feeling in the world is for a little college girl? (Im sure boys feel this way, too.) Well, allow me to tell you.

Finishing finals.

...and feeling like you did pretty good...

Those days, studying for the five finals I had, I constantly felt overwhelmed and weighed-down and down right unhappy. I wanted to scream and cry and run away to either Disneyland or Brazil and live there and never worry about el stupido school again.

I gotta give myself props though. Why? Cause I DIDNT run away--and I didn't cry. I DID scream, though. For real and for true.

I buckled down and studied my booty off and got this weird sense of confidence and tested pretty well.

This? It's a DANG lovely feeling. I have a tear in my eye just thinking of the fact that I am d-o-n-e with this dreadful semester.

More importantly...done with Portuguese!!!!!!!

So here's the invitation, ladies and gentleman. The invitation to come do a celebratory happy dance. And for my friends who have been taking finals and are done or almost done...Let's celebrate for you, too.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

If I Had A Fork..

Sitting in history today, I became very distracted by the guy next to me playing around on Facebook. I was watching him look at pictures and write on his "friends" walls. Then I witnessed something sad, and funny, that quickly became awkward and cruel.

A cute girl with a red bikini on in her profile picture wrote something along the lines of "Hey handsome. Can we finally party tonight?"

This guy then whips out his phone, and yes, I watched him type and send the text. It said, "I think we need to start seeing other people. Sorry."

I'm laughing to myself thinking poor, poor girl who just recieved that brutal text message. Then I'm thinking...is bikini woman really worth this?

Then comes the awkward part. As my seating partner was examining bikini womans other scantaly clad photos..the girl on the opposite side of him recieved a text message.

She leans over to this gem of a guy with tears in her eyes, apparently shocked by what is on his computer screen (someone must have been paying very deep attention to the lecture) and says "are you serious?"

He nodded his head, said sorry and that they'll talk about it later.

The poor girl grabbed her bags and left the class, crying.

I seriously wanted to take a fork to this guys eye. I mean really... How much more stupid can a guy get?!?!