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Sunday, December 27, 2009

one of those days..

It started at church when I was walking outside and dropped my iPhone and scratched up my NEW cover. That was a bummer.

But heck, now I'd take a huge scratch on the actual iPhone if I could erase what happened later that day.


I had to take a baby picture of myself to a sweet lady in the Primary Presidency for our primary party next month. My sisters waited in the car while I did this. I got back into the car and began to pull out of their slightly windy driveway.. I swear I was BARELY moving as I backed out, what I thought was carefully, of their driveway but obviously I was doing something wrong.

Cause next thing I know..



::son of a nutcracker::

I murdered their pretty little brick light post. That baby is yanked out of the ground.

There is the damage to my cute car, too. But I don't care so much about it.
I'm just still feeling stupid that I've been driving for how many years and can't seem to back out of a driveway correctly and in result ruined one of the SWEETEST families in the worlds pretty light post thing.


As I said, and lucky for me, this family seriously is some of the sweetest people you'll EVER meet. I went to the door where the lady and her cute little son told me I was fine and it was alright. Then I went outside with the husband where he kept asking me if I was okay and telling me its alright cause things like this happen. They made me feel not as bad. THANK YOU. That was my one piece of luck today.

After we talked and I said sorry for the one thousand millionth time.. I got back into my car where my worried sisters were awaiting me. Yes, I shed tears that my poor sisters had to endure while we took the long way home. Good thing I'm so lucky to have the sweetest sissys. They both were telling me it was going to be alright. I LOVE THEM.

My parents weren't mad either. They said they'd rather have me hit a stationary object than get into some serious wreck. However they aren't happy, either. Oh, good ol' Chelsea and her tremendous luck and driving skills.

Ps I am SERIOUSLY contemplating NEVER driving EVER again.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

As Promised..

Temple Square was a success.
It was freezing but worth it.
The lights were pretty.
I got good photographs.
Todd is fantastic.

What can I say.. We're cute.

This one is my favorite!!!!!! Gah.. I'm dying. Its darling.

This was a fun date. Finding parking was horrible, though. I am not even joking when I say it probably took us 30-45 minutes. CRAZY!! We actually totally lucked out though and followed a random car who led us into a parking lot right across the street from the temple grounds. Lucky us. Looking at the lights was so much fun, they are SO pretty and the temple is beautiful as always. We had fun reading these little paper bag looking things that were over fake candles (maybe that made sense?) that had words in different languages on them. Oli-Oli was our favorite, that is Samoan for either Joy or Happiness.. Dang it I can't remember.. Anyway.. After we were frozen solid, we got back into our car and went to Iggy's to eat. SO fun! Then we made the long drive home. We were tired. I fell asleep in the car, whoops!

Ahh..It was good stuff.

I am a very lucky girl, indeed.

I love my sweet boy

Don't you like how we matched the lights so well?!

Friday, December 18, 2009

The Excitement is Built-Up Inside of Me

Ya know how when you're REAL excited for something time seems to go by SOOO dang slow? I'm experiencing this at the moment. (Course maybe thats not so bad, I've been wishing time would slow up lately..Todd leaves on his mission WAY too soon.) Anywho..6:30 tomorrow night simply is not coming soon enough. At that time, I will be driving up to SLC with my beautiful Todd to go see the lights at Temple Square with another couple, Jared and Blaynie. I am not sure why I am choosing to be so excited about this event, but I certainly am. Incredibly excited, guys. I've seen the pretty lights before, but it has always been with my family. I know lots of people who go see the lights with their bf/gf and it has always just sounded so darling to me. I've wanted to do this with a significant other for some time.. So finally, thanks to Todd, I get to be one of those cute couples! :) It is going to be so fun to do something with Todd that we don't typically do on a daily basis, ya know?! Hee yay me! I'll take photos and post my favorites on here soon, k?!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

13 Reasons I like Todd..

Warning: Picture Overload

Reason #1. He looks super cute even when he isn't ready to be photographed.

Reason #2. He looks at me cute like this..

Reason #3. He is silly.

Reason #4. He can turn a simple picture, funny. For example..He put our tree-topper, Tinkerbell on my shoulder, thus making this picture funny.

Reason #5. He likes to take pictures with my bum.

Reason #6. He makes me feel all special..

Reason #7. I love to hold those hands of his.

Reason #8. It was his idea to do an "awkward" picture.
Reason #81/2. I LOVE his face in this..Look at it!

Reason #9. When he seems to be suffocating me with his massive arms, he puts them down right before I pass out.

Reason #10. He likes us to show off our boot-tays!

Reason #11. When his booty isn't being shown off good enough, he makes us redo the picture to show it off better.

Reason #12. He plays with my hair..

#13. He. Is. Good. And it pleases me that he made the effort to get in the picture, too.

I'm a lucky girl..Todd is great. :)

Sunday, November 29, 2009

My Celebrity Look-Alikes..I guess..?

HERE is the real-life me.

Here is who my best friend & my daddy sometimes say I look like..
Audrey Hepburn

Today at church a lady in my ward told me I look like her..
Heidi Klum

I teach the 11 & 12 year olds in primary and today in class they told me I look like "Bella" from Twilight..
Kristen Stewart

Do you guys see it?? Cause.. I sure don't!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

7 Things


Say what you will about her.. I love her. She is one of my favorites. True. Story. And as time continues to pass I only love her more.

1. I swear half her songs she songs are directed to me and my personal life. Thanks Miley.

2. Whenever Party in the USA or 7 Things (hence the title) come on I think of Todd. Because he likes to sing & dance to them.

3. Hannah Montana is pretty much hilarious. I laugh my bum off at every episode even if its one I've seen ten billion times.

4. I love her hair. Miley's.. Not Hannah's..

5. She is quite accomplished for her young age, thats cool.

6. This one is silly BUT I follow her on twitter and she will put pics on of herself and say stuff like.. I'm really not that skinny, they did lots of work to my legs, arms, stomach, etc. to make them smaller or more tan. It helps me feel better about myself.

7. She was smart enough to legally change her name from Destiny Hope to Miley. Smart girl.



Apparently SHS's Christmas dance is comin' up and the boys are beginning to ask the girlies..

I would know this because..

I got asked..

Better yet..I got asked by a COMPLETE stranger.

Remember how I am graduated and I have a boyfriend and I don't know him?!

Is this weird to you, too?!

A week or so ago I got a text from ***3 that said the following;

You'd think it's lame
Like I'd want fame
To ask you uncomplex
To the cristmas dance through text
But I promise you
I will pull through
Stay tuned baby
To see who I be

(nice spelling of Christmas, yeah? I thought that added a romantic touch.)

I read this and I'm like what?! And how in the heavens am I supposed to answer this boy? I didn't even know who he was and you can't reply to ***3! So whatever.. Its not like I was gonna say yes anyway.

A few days later he texted me with that same anonymous number and told me his name. I looked him up in the yearbook and I have ZERO clue who he is. Perhaps I'm rude but I just decided to ignore it, I wasn't going to say yes and I just thought if I never answered him he'd get the hint and ask some other girl. Hopefully one in high school, who is single, etc.

My plan was working perfectly but then guess who called me last night? Yup. The boy.

After finding out I apparently had a class with him and talked to him often (oops) I kindly told him no and that he should ask a girl in high school because it means so much to a girl to be asked to a dance and I went to my senior christmas dance, etc. After a TWENTY minute awkward phone convo I was pretty sure I had got rid of him, then he was like..

"Well I'll just ask you to Sweethearts!"

Uhhh?!?! Crap...

Lucky me, yeah?!

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Sometimes Todd will look on my blog and laugh at it and make me feel silly.

So I decided to drop him a little surprise for next time he looks..


Oh cute Todd

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What you do on a whim..

Our little puppy WALTER..
Has a new buddy..

Is he not the cutest little puppy you've ever seen?
I think he is adorable.
Mom and I went to Zupas today and nearby a man was selling two dogs, Sulley and a pug. I saw Sulley and my heart melted. I KNEW he was my puppy. By some miracle my mom actually agreed to pull over so I could talk to the man about the sweet little black puppy. Then guess what I did? I bought him. Me. My very own money. 100 bucks. Yeah, baby.

Sulley is half lab, half Australian Shepherd and is 7 weeks old. He also weighs 8 pounds.
He is my love.

The girls LOVE him, too.

Mom and dad.. They're getting used to it..

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Just Kidding..

Okay, quick update. My hip is NOT dislocated.

Instead.. It is sprained.


My IT-Band is all whacked out.

IT-Band, for those of you, like me, who don't know, is apparently the sinew (or something) going down my leg and I just messed that all up.. My dad says sinew is little muscle strand type things..

Obviously I don't quite get what is wrong with me..

All I know is I've been on crutches for FAR too long and I think my armpits are starting to hurt more than my hip.

And there is your update! :)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

i'm still just as breakable as ever..

Remember my junior year when I separated my shoulder by being bumped into a wall at a funeral?

Remember a few months ago when I fractured my elbow by slamming it into a wall because I was running away from my mother who was going to bite my butt?

Remember how I just am not the most coordinated person in the world?

Remember how I have a bad track record for having really good luck?

Well guess what? I've done it again.. A stupid injury. Blast.

Two nights ago the mommy and I were down in our basement cleaning our toy room and then my daddy called and my mom answered the phone and sat at the top of the stairs.. So she is sitting on the phone and I decided it'd be kinda fun to try to make her laugh..

Heres what I did.. I ran and jumped into a beautiful leap at the bottom of the stairs and tripped over something invisible and in result landed all funny like on my left leg. It kind of hurt, but I was fine so I shook it off. AND I was successful in making the mommy giggle. Go me.

But then as time passed, my hip was REALLY hurtin' me.

And in conclusion, I Chelsea Kate Walker, now have a dislocated hip and a strong hatred towards crutches.

The End.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Cute Mommy Of Mine!!

Today is a special day.
It is the mommy's birthday!! :)

We began the birthday festivities at 7:30am when daddy, Savannah, Adi and I went into her room and woke her up with her presents and cards. (This is cute and all but I am REALLY hoping my fam doesn't come wake me up at freaking 7:30 in the a.m. for my birthday, morning is NOT my bff.) Anywho.. After all of that joy, the girls left for school and daddy-o left for work. Then it was just the mommy and I. We didn't do much, unfortunately. However we did go get breakfast and drive around which happens to be one of our VERY favorite things to do in the world. And as always, it was quite enjoyable.

So finally the girls got home from school and it was time to take the mommy to her surprise destination that daddy, the girls and I had planned a few days earlier.

The plan=Take the mommy to Color Me Mine and paint her some lovely plates.

The plan was a success. I think she had fun-which was the whole point, right?!

After Color Me Mine we went and ate at Jimmy John's then got a cake at Cold Stone which was HEAVENLY!! (sing-songy voice)

I took some photographs of us enjoying ourselves at Color Me Mine.. Please enjoy.

Here we are..painting away.
Savannah and the birthday girl!!
Me and Buggie
My cute daddy and cute Adi
So.. This one has a story to it.. This is my dads plate that he painted. You see.. It was supposed to be a picture of his head. But somehow it turned into his body. Then he just hated it and for whatever reason decided it looked like a vampire. That is when he added fangs and bats. He later added a full moon. Him making fun of his rad artistic skills pretty much KILLED us girls! He is a goof ball.

I love you so much and it makes me one happy little girl that I got lucky enough to get you as a mommy!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


the room.

is done.


don't give up on me yet!!

My room will be finished today.
Today is my deadline after all.

Elissa wanted to see step-by-step pictures..
So, Elissa, here is what my room looks like currently.
Better, right?!
Like I said.. It'll be done by tonight.
And I will post my beautiful clean room pictures by tonight or tomorrow morning.

I'm excited.
I like clean rooms.

And just so you know.. My room is really hard to take pictures of. Its 2 rooms combined into one. So there is that inconvenient half wall in there.. But I did what I could with the photos.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Some Things..

For the beginning of this random post, I will start with pumpkins.
Every October my sissys and I paint a pumpkin. Its cleaner than carving and, in my opinion, MUCH more fun.

This is Savannah's hula girl

My pumpkin

Cute Adi's castle pumpkin

Next item of randomness is my room.

Messy, I know.
Listen to my good plan. My cute Todd is hunting and I don't get to see or hear from him until Wednesday (sad) so I decided while he is gone, I will clean my room.
So thats my goal.. We'll see how I do.
I'm also thinking maybe I'll be more willing to clean it because now my embarrassing messy room pictures are on my blog.. So I have to clean it so I can show you all how cute my room is when its clean and prove to you I'm not a complete slob.


You may all think this is dumb.. But I thought it was really funny.
This is from Facebook.
That quote is my status on FB and that Dan boy that commented on it is the guy who set Todd and I up, he and Todd are very good friends.
Pretty much what he said just cracked me and my mommy up.

Last but CERTAINLY not least.
Oh look how cute he is.
I told you he was gone hunting.. He left yesterday at 6 and won't be back until Wednesday. But guess what? I'll only see him Thursday (maybe Wednesday, too, depends on when he gets home) then on Friday he is leaving to South Dakota for many days. Jeepers.

Okay, now you are all caught up on my little life.