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Friday, July 31, 2009

Babies, babies! :)

Early in the morning on July 23rd the mommy & Savannah went to pick up this sweet little girl. (bea, my darling cousin.)
Which could only mean one thing! Bea's mommy was finally having her baby! 
We were very excited! As soon as word came that Beatrice's new little brother was born we drove to the hospital to go meet the new little guy!

Here is Bea & Adi in the waiting room of the hospital waiting for uncle Dave to come get us & take us to the baby!
Then finally we got to see him!
This is us with little Samson Dewey Richards :) 
He is the cutest baby boy in our family, this is for sure.
We still kept Bea for a few days after little Sam was born.
One of the days we went to iHop..
And she REALLY liked to be given Diet Coke through a straw..
Here she is waiting for the next straw full of DC :)
We played lots.. Bea loved to wear her fancy sunglasses! 
Then for reasons unknown.. Miss Bea got very sad.
But kept the glasses of course! 
A few days later Sam was brought home so we drove to Bountiful to Mere and Dave's house to take Bea home and see the cute little boy again!
Cutest thing.
Chelsea & Sam
I could just sit there and hold him forever

Heres the new big sister!! Such a sweet girl.

Sam again..I can't get enough of him.
My mom spread him out so we could admire his little chicken legs, tiny toes, all that cute baby-ness. Little sweet boy! :) 

Thursday, July 30, 2009

5 random photos..

i got emailed this game thingy.. its kind of fun.. and a good waste of time..

choose 5 very random pictures off of your computer. 
then fill answer these questions about them::
1. i like..
2. i love..
3. i wish..
4. this pic would be better if..
5. i could do w/o..
(make sure answers have to do w/ the pic)

my daddy driving the car somewhere when 
we were in the east..
1. I like that daddy kinda looks like he is singing & dancing
2. I love my daddy
3. I wish we still had that car (it was an escalade..i think.. it was sweet)
4. This pic would be better if his mouth were wide open
5. I could do without..uh.. oo.. i could do without looking at this picture and seeing my dads tumor thing in his neck/jaw, wherever thats at! :) (its removed now ps)

My parentals in Disney World (without us)
1. I like that they look all happy, course how could they not? They're in WDW! 
2. I love Disney World!!!!!! & them..
3. I wish my sissys and I were in this photo with them cause then that would mean they brought us with them on this trip.
4. This picture would be better if Savannah, Adi and my own smiling faces were in it..
5. I could do without the people in the background.. that always bugs me for some reason

Karaoke Night with me & my sissys
1. I like the memories of this crazy night
2. I love Adi singing.. She'd get SOO into it. 
3. I wish my legs were straighter..it'd look cooler
4. This picture would be better if Savannah were rockin' out with us in it. Instead she chose to be the photographer, i think she was scared of me this night.
5. I could do without the white walls in our living room. Luckily they are green now!

Sledding at a Cabin
1. I like Savannah's purple marshmallow coat
2. I love how the mommy took this picture right after the girls wiped out on their sled. I was cracking up..As you can see.
3. I wish I wore warmer clothes & actually wore gloves that day
4. This picture would be better if there were a little bunny in it :)
5. I could do without umm.. Nope, i like it all in this one.

On Splash Mountain!
1. I like to ride in the front on Splash Mountain
2. I love how we all look wet & homely
3. I wish I were sitting in a splash mountain log right now
4. This picture would be better if the background wasn't so black
5. I could do without knowing I am not there right now.

mommy? i think you should do this one.. so.. i'm tagging you on it, or whatever that is called! 

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Llama Fest!!

I went to the Llama Fest in the Krishna Temple..
It was strange.. I went with Sarah, Courtney & some boys.. 
I was kind of scared, there were frightening people there & lots of people who'd grab your shirt & try to get you to buy stuff..
We tried some of their food, it made me feel icky.
We had to take our shoes off to go inside their temple..interesting.
You could barely eat your snow cones cause the ice was so jam packed in the little breakable cup..
However..That is a VERY interesting culture. They have rad music & dancing & they love their llamas! :) 
& it was a grand way to spend time with my buddies! 

Friday, July 10, 2009

some summer fun-ness

I love summer! It is a good feeling not to be in school. School is not my favorite. This summer has been good, too!! I don't have a job so I just play all day! Its beautiful.
So..A few years ago in our old house we had a big ol' pool and we loved it. The girls and I would go out there and swim in it quite a bit and we always had a grand time. Then we moved to this house and we've been wanting a pool again.. But the pool we got wasn't exactly the pool I had in mind thats for sure.. Its this tiny little green blow up pool and the only thing you can do in it is sit and lay down and play restaurant and "water zoo" (the girls favorite games to play in it with me.) However we still always manage to have a good time when we're in it. But heres to hoping one day we get a good big one again!! 

the water..it was FREEZING (dang hose water)
my darling little buddy
playing restaurant..ordering my food here, i believe 
sun smiles!!
highly attractive picture of savannah and i
my pet seals
On the fourth of july we went to stadium of fire. That was fun! Jonas Brothers were there.. And I quite like them! :) My sissys and I had fun singing along to all of their songs and once I got them to get out of their comfort zone, they even danced with me!! 

Yay for Jonas Brothers!! 
The Jo Bro's really are down there..I promise.
Nick..My favorite!
Joe & Kevin