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Monday, August 30, 2010

boha {translation: stupid}

You know that song on Wicked called Loathing? Please, play that through your head while you read this post. It will really help capture the emotion I'll be trying to portray. Thanks.

College has started, and I went into this semester with a shocking, gung-ho attitude. I was ready to dominate all my classes, get amazing grades, make new friends, and all that college life jazz. Basically, my intentions were really high. This semester was my semester. Was... {sigh..}

This ^^^ happy-go-lucky attitude of mine was instantly crushed when I walked into my Portuguese class. My beginners Portuguese class. My Portuguese class you're supposed to go into have no, zip, zilch, zippo, prior knowledge or experience with the Portuguese language.

Um, hi. I walk in, sit down, and guess what I find out? My entire, and this is no exaggeration, I swear, entire class of "beginners" in Portuguese, speak the language, if not fluently, almost fluently.

It all comes down to this, they know the language. I know the language NOT.

My lovely professor has apparently decided to pay no attention to little struggling me. I guess in her mind, because 99% of the class knows the language, she can go on her merry way and keep on progressing with the lessons, having almost solid Portuguese conversations with the whole class. Oh, wait. Not the whole class. There is that little underdog Chelsea who is so utterly lost, she is constantly contemplating running, screaming out of the classroom in a fit of frustration, anger, embarrassment, confusion, etc.

What makes the matters worse, is I sit next to this guy. This guy who I'd enjoy stabbing in the eyeball with a pen. He is an RM, who {of course} served in Brazil, and consequently speaks beautiful, fluent Portuguese. Upon first meeting Mr. RM, I thought BOO-YAH! this class will be an easy A because he'll help me. Boy, was I wrong. He. Is. A. Jerk. A big ol' nerdy, evil, goody-two-shoes, thinks he's Mr. perfect, know-it-all, jerk. The two of us are often paired together since we sit next to each other. Actually, let me rephrase that. Since he sits next to me. I try to avoid him and his arrogant ways, but no matter where I sit, he always manages to weasel his intelligent little body to the seat right next to mine. I'm pretty sure he's trying to impress me. Trying to flirt with me... Well, he's terrible at it. Anyway... So we're partnered a lot. He thinks he's so fancy, so sometimes he'll talk to me in only Portuguese. Or laugh as I struggle through taking notes, trying to spell things right, and remember what I'm speedily being taught. I want to slug him. I could probably take him.

Dear Know-It-All Partner,
Congratulations in being fluent in this language. I'm proud of you. Good for you, for serving a mission. You rock. But guess what?! You are in a BEGINNERS Portuguese class, and I am a beginner. Yes, I'm the only beginner, but still... Just, be nice to me, you big weird-o.
Love, {kinda}

Here's an example or two. Today we learned, in Brazil, if someone were to ask you if you like their cooking, basically you just say "oooooooooo," very dramatically. ....We had to ask questions back-and-fourth with our partners, and of course, this is what RM asks me. But he didn't ask me in English. He asked me in Portuguese. Normally, that'd be okay in a Portuguese class, but he knows all too well, I barely speak it. So really, its just freaking annoying, and he knows it. I don't know how the heck you say "Do you like my cooking?" in that language... So I stared at him, trying to hold myself back from snapping his glasses in half. He then says in a snotty, I'm-clearly-so-much-better-than-you, voice, "Do you like my cooking?" I answer him very unenthusiastically, "oooooo." Stupid.

Our professor allows us to look at our notes when we're practicing conversations with each other... So silly me to think I actually can do that. Any time I'm paired up with Mr. Meanie, and I start to look at my notes, he scolds me, "Don't look at your notes. You won't learn that way." I ignore him, look at my notes, and answer, most likely butchering the pronunciation, which I know ticks him off. So in a way, I totally love the fact I'm the worst at Portuguese.

Now besides all that, I have some more venting to do.

Is that annoying?! For goodness sakes, this class is supposed to be filled with a bunch of clueless English speakers. Yet, instead, its a bunch of talented, bilingual students, and Chelsea, who is very jealous of them, all.
In my defense, I do know some Portuguese. Just look at the title of this post! I'm learning it, but only because I study my little bum off at home, since my professor moves at the fastest pace, EVER. If this were truly a class of beginners, I'd probably be doing just fine, but because I have such fabulous luck, of course I'm in a class with a bunch of braniacs. Really, could this be cooler? {said insanely sarcastically.}

Looks like I'm going to have to break out some serious yoga and mediation to deal with the stress of my enemy language. Portuguese.

Thursday, August 26, 2010


I am not a watch person. I never have been, and I don't believe I ever will be. If I need to see the time, I check my phone.

But college has started, yet again. This year, my professors are super anti-cel phone. So a watch was really my only option. A clock would be, normally, but of course none of my classes have one of those.

Today I bought a watch. A digital one. I think thats what they're called?...

It is purple. Its a Ironman Triathlon, Timex watch. Hopefully thats a good thing.

Basically, I feel like a nerd wearing it.

The last time I wore a watch like this is when I got some dorky one in a kids meal at McDonald's and thought it was freaking awesome, and wore it like it would be envied by all, and I was the coolest little gal to be wearing such an accessory.

I don't feel that ^ cool wearing them, anymore.

On the rare occasion that I did wear a watch, I wore one that had the numbers 1-12, because I guess in my mind those are more...glamorous. Or something.

Yet, I walked away with a purple digital, one.

Don't ask me why, because I don't know.

We'll see how long this relationship with me and this watch, lasts.

I guess it does serve its purpose. It tells me how long until class is out.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Wolf & Red

In case I haven't told you, already, I have the cutest sisters on the planet. They are the two most creative girls I've ever met. I want my kids to be like them. That would be the bomb.

Okay. So, for the past few days, Adi has posted signs all over our house that say she will be holding auditions for Little Red Riding Hood...

Apparently, yesterday was the day to audition. No one else in my family would audition, so I felt that I probably should. And so I did. I'm pretty sure that auditions for broadway aren't as intense as the audition I went through!

1-I had to state my name and tell some things about me.
2- I had to dance (and have no moments of stillness) to a full song. {Liberty Walk by Miley Cyrus}
3- I had to sing a full song. Loud, and confident. {Permanent December by Miley Cyrus}...Adi likes Miley Cyrus.
4- I had to read through my lines.

I must be awesome because I got the part of Little Red, herself.
Savannah-bug watched my audition and I think Adi realized that was the best she was going to get, so Savannah got the part as the wolf.

With the scripts in our hands, rehearsals began, promptly.

After we had our lines down, decently, it was time to get into costume and work on dress rehearsals.

Adi chose the outfits. Adi chose the make-up. Adi was the director of all directors.

Cute thing: Adi dressed herself up as a director, too. A mighty cute one, may I add. She had tiny pink shorts on, a green shirt, a blue hat, {she informed us, "every director wears a hat" big, pink sunglasses, and she made herself a little blow horn that she would yell "cut" "action" "do this better" "this is your line" "stop laughing" "savannah be nice to chelsea" etc.

Finally, we had our lines down, alright. Adi then decided it was show time!!!

Mom and dad enjoyed it, I think. They should have. It was cute.

The Wolf {Savannah} & Little Red {myself}

The script.
Oh my gosh it was the cutest thing ever, I just had to share. Adi is quite the play-write.

red & wolfs parts

Red: My name is Little Red Riding Hood and my family needs to make my grandma some soap {she spells soup-soap..precious} because she is sick. And the way there is over the river and through the woods to grandma house and I will give her the soap here I goooo!

Wolf: Hello I am the wolf you can't come acroset here

Red: But I need to get acrost so I can give the soap to my grandma

Wolf: did you say soap I love soap

Red: You can't have this is my grandma's and she daserves it! (punch lightly)

Wolf: hey don't do that (roar mean)

Red: you are mean (punch hard)

Wolf: (fall to the ground and say) why me (loud)

Red: (run to grandma's house) yay I got to her house! (knoke)

Wolf: Come in

Red: my what big feet and arm's you have

Wolf: there to grab you with

Red: my what big teeth you have

Wolf: there so I can eat you with

Red: (hold gun at wolf) aha!

Wolf: (scream and run away)

The End (bow)

My personal favorite part of the script is the fact that Little Red is packing heat.

Seriously, though, could Adi be any cuter?!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

wonderful goodness i just HAD to share


I've heard about 30billion reviews about this movie and the majority of them were that the movie wasn't good. But hey, guess what? This is my blog. So I will express my opinions...
...and my opinions say, this movie was uh-maze-ING...

It probably helped that I went to see this extraordinary film with four beautiful lady friends of mine, Whitney, Sarah, Chelsea and Kourtney. {you can't go wrong with them gals.} But even besides that...I still adored it. Like, I could have been sitting there by myself accompanied by a creepy, angry audience {...oh wait...we were surrounded by a creepy, angry audience...} and I still would have walked out of the theater feeling inspired and giddy of happiness.

Basically, its about Liz, played by the incredibly gorgeous Julia Roberts.
She feels the need to "find herself," so she makes the decision to go away for a year and live in Italy, India and Bali. Over the course of this year, she definitely finds herself. She experiences some amazing situations, meets phenomenal people, and learns a heck of a lot about herself.

So now here I am, a few days later, still melting at the thought of the movie. I think of it, and my heart does that happy pitter-patter thing that usually happens when I think of Todd. Clearly, that means I'm kind of obsessed and smitten by the movie.

Its inspired me. Guess what I want to do now? I want to go somewhere... Bali seems delicious but I would go anywhere... India, Africa, Mexico, Brazil, wherever... I just want to go have a freaking amazing experience like Liz did. I want to be Liz sooooooooooo bad. I want to find myself. I want to learn about who the real me is. I want to fall in love with the small things in the world. I want to take the EAT PRAY LOVE adventure. I want to be Liz.

If you want my opinion, I strongly recommend you see it. Love it. Adore it. Devour its goodness. Its marvelous.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

its a fake summer.

full of chaos and wonderland.
the birds don't whistle away the hole
but the deer remind me of you.

sometimes...nights are hard
and mornings are lonely
afternoons are too simple
and evenings leave me slightly empty.

but what's this compared to years on end?

so i remind myself i can make it.

it just feels right to complain.
like its my teenage duty, or something.
love you.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Okay, folks, I need your help again.

Does anyone know how to block people from commenting on your blog?! Not everyone... Just a select few.

I keep getting comments on my posts from people who speak a different language than me...they're Chinese or Japanese or something...and while I'm sure I'd appreciate their comments if they were in ENGLISH...I have zero idea what they're saying and its getting annoying.

Maybe its just impossible to block a few... But I thought it wouldn't hurt to ask.

Please help me if you can! :)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

dancer now SINGER. oh, benji.

I don't know how many of you are major SYTYCD {so you think you can dance} fans, like myself, but for those of you who are, perhaps, you remember, Benji Schwimmer? Aka season two's WINNER!

You see, I follow him on Twitter. The other day, he let us followers know something... He has got himself a band! He put on the link of his music vid and I, being a mongo Benji fan, watched it.

Now, sure, sure, its cheesy and such... But you guys don't even know the devotion I once had to this dancer, now singer... I felt obligated to post this, basically.

Band: The Weekend Forecast
Song: Right

ps. Benji is the main guy. Thats right! :)

Friday, August 6, 2010

I Made a Switcheroo.

Once upon a time, not too long ago, if you would have asked me what my major was in college, I would have answered you, "Early Childhood Education."

Well, guess what, folks?
No longer will that be my response to your question.

Yup, you got it!


Finally, I can say that I'm excited for school...
Because I'm excited about what I'll be studying.

The thought of being a kindergarten teacher has always made me happy. I'd seriously love to be Miss. Walker...
But the more I think about it...
It doesn't feel right.

So I changed my major, as I've stated, above.

Now, now, I know you're all dying to know what I've changed my focus to.
You don't have to wait any longer.

My Major:


Actually, I believe the technical term for my major is:
Physical Education with an emphasis on Exercise Science.

But that is long and hard to say...
& I like the sound of this:

Person: Chelsea, what is your major?
Chelsea: Exercise Science.

rather than

Person: Chelsea, what is your major?
Chelsea: Physical Education with an emphasis on Exercise Science.

Now you understand.

It scares me that my major has the word "science" in it. I hate that word. I really hate that subject, too. But I think I'll live, nonetheless. {fingers crossed}

I get to take some real fun classes.
I've always been interested in this kind of stuff, too.
So, see? Its perfect.

The only bummer?

I have to take 4 semesters of a language.
I swear, I can barely speak English, as it is!

{In case you were wondering, I chose Portuguese.}

Alright, so thats my update. Thanks for reading.
Wish me luck in this new semester of college.