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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

QUITE the day! :}

Boy do I have news for YOU!

On Feb. 18th, Elder Oakey got his VISA!!!! Finally!
TODAY he is flying out to Brazil. In fact, he is on the plane right at this very moment.. {10:24} His plane left at 9:50, he'll land in L.A. around 11 our time, then at 2:30 he is flying to the airport in Sao Paulo.. He'll get there around 7am their time. I think that is somewhere around 3 am our time.
{He'll spend about 4 weeks in the MTC in Sao Paulo, then he'll head to Brasilia and start teaching some very lucky people!!}

This was the last day he was in the Provo MTC
I had to go say bye and blow him a goodbye kiss!

I'm super happy that he is off to Brazil, so is he. But do you know what the best part is?!
He called me at 9am and we talked for 20 beautiful minutes.
It was incredible to hear his perfect voice. Oh man, guys, I still have a solid rush of butterflies going CRAZY in my tummy. He is my very, very, very favorite and I love him so much.
We talked about so much. I loved it. Agh. I miss him.
We talked about..
  • What I've been up to..
  • The MTC..
  • How dry his dorm was..
  • His chapped lips..
  • Letters..
  • The Temple..
  • Portuguese..
  • My family..
  • My dogs..
  • Dates..
  • How excited he is to finally be 'in the field.'..
  • Cookies/bread..
  • Hugging..
  • Tape recorders..
  • He is nervous to hear real portuguese spoken by real Brazilians..
  • The 2 of us..
  • And SO much more..
Plain and simply.. Today was THE BEST DAY EVER {since he's left, of course..}
Brazil is about to become the luckiest place in the world.
I love Toddy & he loves me..

Ahhh.. Perfection..

Thursday, February 18, 2010

best. valentine. EVER.

For Valentines Day I made my valentine, Elder Oakey, a card.
A valentines day card. {duh}
Not just any card, guys. A fabulous card.
Sure it is quite extravagant.
Maybe a little over the top.
Took many hours to make.
But look at that baby! It is, as I said, fabulous.
So brag about it I shall.
Best part - Toddy LOVED it! Score.
Feel free to ooo and awww..

{front cover}

{back cover}

{side 1, view 1}

{side 1, view 2}

{side 2, view 1}

{side 2, view 2}

{and here is each page seperately..}

{there are pictures of the two of us..}

{things about him i love..}

{little valentines he can take out & read..}

{ways he makes me smile..}

{definitions of lovey-dovey words & phrases..}

{darling decorations..}

{stating the obvious..}

{cards & letters..}

{some of my favorite quotes..}


{remember when..}

{3 things that make him, him..}

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

is silence sound?

Oh humanities and the INSANE assignments it gives me..

Below is the video link of the song, 4'33 by John Cage that I have to write a 5-8 page response paper to.. Please watch it.. But not all of it. Cause then you'd be mad at me for making you watch the most pointless "musical performance" of your life, then you'll stop reading my blog, and I will cry.

WARNING: Bo-ring. Vid-eo. Just watch enough to get a feel for it.. Then read on..

(i guess you can just copy and paste this ^^^ in your little search bar thing?)

For those of you who did not bother to watch that video.. It is a man who sits at the piano in a fancy suit on a pretty stage in front of a huge audience. Thats all. Like really. He just sits there and occasionally turns sheet music with NO notes on it. He does this for 4 minutes and 33 seconds. It is, in fact, as boring as it sounds.

WHAT?! How am I supposed to respond to that?! Did you notice he isn't doing squat? He is sitting there. Turning blank pages. Occasionally looking at a timer. I am sorry, think what you will, but that is not music and my mind is blank as to what to say in response to that.

And guys! This is actually a famous "song" if you will. People pay way too much money and probably travel way too far to watch that. I don't get it. Won't ever.

I'm trying to be open minded but c'mon!!! A monkey could do that!

Please inform me how you write a response to that? Um, stress? Yeah.

Then I was thinking.. What do you say to that piano player, or shall I say, piano sitter, piano starer, or ever weirdee, after he "preforms?"

"Hey man good job sittin' on that bench! That was like wow!!"

"You rocked at turnin' those pages! Can't wait to see you do it again!"

"That was so worth my billions of dollars!"

Or something..

THIS is just ridiculous.

Monday, February 15, 2010

While the mommy is away..


Example #1: Our shih tzu, Walter, had to go to the animal ER on thursday night because the little fatty cannot walk. Big, long story, but basically, Walter has a terrible back and now takes a million pills a day. One of the rules the doc gave us is that we shouldn't let him have much free movement because he could hurt his back more which would lead to some quite sad stuff.. :( So he sits in his cage all day. And he doesn't enjoy it. Seriously. He barks, whines, cries, makes un-dogly noises ALL day and ALL night. I'm sick of it. Last night from 2:30 to about 4 Walter would not shut up. I wanted to cry. So yeah.. Sick of him.

Example #2: Friday I had school, which I'm just not a fan of, duh. Plus I had a math test. Then I had to go testify in court for a friend of mine who is being falsely accused of some really terrible stuff. This was my second time going to court for him and I found out we're going to have to go back next month. Court, my friends, is NO fun.

Example #3: I got home from court and had to carry Walter outside to do his business. On my way in, I stepped on a freakin' broken lightbulb that decided to just chill out in my front yard! Stupid. That thing attacked my foot! It got the bottom of my toes down to my heel. I had to run inside, tracking full bloody footprints throughout my house, put Walter in his cage then try to find a million band aids and that cleaning, bubbly stuff. Oh guess what? We don't have band aids, OF COURSE! So I found some lame, super thin gauze and packing tape and after stopping the bleeding (it bled for 30 min) I applied the toilet paper gauze and packing tape to my weird, deflated looking foot.

Example #4: Now that I am limping because of example 4, my IT Band is starting to hurt again. Like..BAD. And guys? I SO don't wanna do this crutches thing again.

Example #5: My parents don't actually know this yet.. But I set the stove on fire while making noodles. It. Was. Scary. But I took care of it, all is well and nothing is burned.

Example #6: I did the dishes like a good little girl, started the dishwasher, all done. Then later in the day I went down into my room to find that the dishwasher was leaking through the floor and falling through the ceiling in my room!! Gah!!!

Thats all..

The mommy? PLEASE come home quick. Thankyaverymuch.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010



You are invisible brilliance communicating through written souls remark.
We dove together into one pool of separation that ironically would mend us as one.
Each thriving for a better, unseparated, tomorrow, a tomorrow that will be ours in years.
Inspiration in the absence, of course.
A demand to stay faithful in both our eyes.
I stay in one city as you conquer as many as your told.
You are incredible, you know.
Here, I'll capture each thing you're missing and write it all down in explanatory handwriting.
Like you're reading my face. You always did.
I just ask for your tales. Tell me everything.
Living inside such letters means something.
It means we aren't apart.
I still feel you in my arms.
You still see my body. We've the trained eye.
As I wait here, it means something.
As you work that perfect work, it means something.
Meant to be. Fate.


Saturday, February 6, 2010

heart, dream & breath.

I'm missing the feeling of the summer sun bouncing on my skin.
Missing the familiar sparkle in those deep blue eyes.
Photographs and filled canvases only go so far.
Unless they held your very dna its not the same.
Your mint scented voice is still ringing loud in my ears.
But the fear still lives on that one day it may lose its volume.
Leaving me anticipating the day you knock on my lonely door again.

It was good to see you last night in that dream I was blessed with.
You in your dashing suit with that grin on your angel face stunned me.
Until we meet again I'll wait in this vanilla house for you.
Wishing upon 11:11 to be back in your strength quicker than a heart beats.
I still feel that pulse of your warm being against mine.

I taste the heaven sent sweetness you left on my lips.
Sometimes when luck is on my side I feel your finger tips in my hair.
That too recognizable burning hits my heart yet again.
I watch couples prance around the streets holding what they love in their hands.
I sit in this letter to you and stare at my empty palms.
Then I'm filled with joy when I see your calloused fingers in mine.

Your memory is so vividly present in my soul.

Perhaps you aren't here in flesh but you are here in the heart, dream and breath.
To a pessimist this time is long and tragic.
Luckily you gave me optimism one can only plead for.
Every word you said keeps me company and fills my faith.
Before the sun sets on 22 you'll be back in the embrace where you belong.
My earth will stop trembling and I'll be at ease again.

Your warm flood will be in my ear where its meant to be.
You will calm my unsettled storm of 730 days.
You'll grace me with that taste on my pucker.
That space in my heart I sent with you will be full at last.

And forever will find us right at our eager step.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


Do you remember this little guy?!
He is all cute and tiny here..

Well.. Now he is getting lots bigger. He has SUCH long legs. And guess what else? He LOVES his voice. All this guy does is bark, bark, bark and occasionally pee on the carpet. He is a stinker. Oh my heavens this guy is gonna put me in the loony bin.

But he IS still cute..

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

again with the stupidity..

As if that stupid red wheelbarrow were not enough..
Today I was assigned another ridiculous poem..

in Just-
e.e. cummings

in Just-
spring when the world is mud-
luscious the little lame baloonman

whistles far and wee

and eddyandbill come
running from marbles and
piracies and it's

when the world is puddle-wonderful

the queer
old baloonman whistles
far and wee
and bettyandisbel come dancing

from hop-scotch and jump-rope and


baloonMan whistles

and yes, thats exactly how it is written. WEIRD.

Is it just me or does this lame, queer, goat-footed baloonman creep anyone else out? He sort of sounds like a pedophile, to me. Poor 'eddyandbill' and 'bettyandisbel.'
Oh, and what the heck is 'wee?' Oh geez..

This class..WOW.