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Sunday, November 29, 2009

My Celebrity Look-Alikes..I guess..?

HERE is the real-life me.

Here is who my best friend & my daddy sometimes say I look like..
Audrey Hepburn

Today at church a lady in my ward told me I look like her..
Heidi Klum

I teach the 11 & 12 year olds in primary and today in class they told me I look like "Bella" from Twilight..
Kristen Stewart

Do you guys see it?? Cause.. I sure don't!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

7 Things


Say what you will about her.. I love her. She is one of my favorites. True. Story. And as time continues to pass I only love her more.

1. I swear half her songs she songs are directed to me and my personal life. Thanks Miley.

2. Whenever Party in the USA or 7 Things (hence the title) come on I think of Todd. Because he likes to sing & dance to them.

3. Hannah Montana is pretty much hilarious. I laugh my bum off at every episode even if its one I've seen ten billion times.

4. I love her hair. Miley's.. Not Hannah's..

5. She is quite accomplished for her young age, thats cool.

6. This one is silly BUT I follow her on twitter and she will put pics on of herself and say stuff like.. I'm really not that skinny, they did lots of work to my legs, arms, stomach, etc. to make them smaller or more tan. It helps me feel better about myself.

7. She was smart enough to legally change her name from Destiny Hope to Miley. Smart girl.



Apparently SHS's Christmas dance is comin' up and the boys are beginning to ask the girlies..

I would know this because..

I got asked..

Better yet..I got asked by a COMPLETE stranger.

Remember how I am graduated and I have a boyfriend and I don't know him?!

Is this weird to you, too?!

A week or so ago I got a text from ***3 that said the following;

You'd think it's lame
Like I'd want fame
To ask you uncomplex
To the cristmas dance through text
But I promise you
I will pull through
Stay tuned baby
To see who I be

(nice spelling of Christmas, yeah? I thought that added a romantic touch.)

I read this and I'm like what?! And how in the heavens am I supposed to answer this boy? I didn't even know who he was and you can't reply to ***3! So whatever.. Its not like I was gonna say yes anyway.

A few days later he texted me with that same anonymous number and told me his name. I looked him up in the yearbook and I have ZERO clue who he is. Perhaps I'm rude but I just decided to ignore it, I wasn't going to say yes and I just thought if I never answered him he'd get the hint and ask some other girl. Hopefully one in high school, who is single, etc.

My plan was working perfectly but then guess who called me last night? Yup. The boy.

After finding out I apparently had a class with him and talked to him often (oops) I kindly told him no and that he should ask a girl in high school because it means so much to a girl to be asked to a dance and I went to my senior christmas dance, etc. After a TWENTY minute awkward phone convo I was pretty sure I had got rid of him, then he was like..

"Well I'll just ask you to Sweethearts!"

Uhhh?!?! Crap...

Lucky me, yeah?!

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Sometimes Todd will look on my blog and laugh at it and make me feel silly.

So I decided to drop him a little surprise for next time he looks..


Oh cute Todd

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What you do on a whim..

Our little puppy WALTER..
Has a new buddy..

Is he not the cutest little puppy you've ever seen?
I think he is adorable.
Mom and I went to Zupas today and nearby a man was selling two dogs, Sulley and a pug. I saw Sulley and my heart melted. I KNEW he was my puppy. By some miracle my mom actually agreed to pull over so I could talk to the man about the sweet little black puppy. Then guess what I did? I bought him. Me. My very own money. 100 bucks. Yeah, baby.

Sulley is half lab, half Australian Shepherd and is 7 weeks old. He also weighs 8 pounds.
He is my love.

The girls LOVE him, too.

Mom and dad.. They're getting used to it..

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Just Kidding..

Okay, quick update. My hip is NOT dislocated.

Instead.. It is sprained.


My IT-Band is all whacked out.

IT-Band, for those of you, like me, who don't know, is apparently the sinew (or something) going down my leg and I just messed that all up.. My dad says sinew is little muscle strand type things..

Obviously I don't quite get what is wrong with me..

All I know is I've been on crutches for FAR too long and I think my armpits are starting to hurt more than my hip.

And there is your update! :)