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Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Guess what? I am on a date. Right now.


Lame? Nerdy? Odd? HECK YES!
but i say yes because i am in it for a good laugh..

This boy who's name will not be mentioned took me on a date a few weeks ago and well..it wasn't a fun one, lets say.. some parts were fun, others.. NOT. like the part where he thought it was SOO funny to shove me HARD down onto a huge bean bag chair then run and dive on me over & over & over no matter how many times i said to stop, ow or tried to run away! i'm not kidding i think he made me bleed internally. butt head.

so i figure a texting date wouldn't be as bad.. 

it was possibly the same..
i dunno..
you be the judge..

this is how it went.. 

mr. dating pro said: "wannu go on a textin' date with me Chelsea"

i follow with.. "ummm.. sure?"

a little later..

mr. dating pro: "I'll send you the rules."
miss in-it-for-a-good-giggle (me): "k"

mr. dating pro: "RULES. Treat this like a real date. Don't text anyone else while on this date. And talk to me like we were with each other. Which means it will be personal."
miss in-it-for-a-good-giggle: "sounds like a plan."

hopefully not too personal! 
oh & btw i was totally texting other people.. its not like he could tell what i was doing!

mr. dating pro: "K just sit somewhere and think of only me and I'll do the same with u. Its more real that way doll."

weird right? yeah..thats what i thought, too.
i really don't want to sit around and think of him. if i try to do that i think i start making disgusted faces and almost die.

mr. dating pro: "I just picked u up."
miss in-it-for-a-good-giggle: "oh good!"

this is SO exciting! .........not.

mr. dating pro: "So hows your day been?"
miss iifagg: "Pretty good. And yours?"

mr. dating pro: "Chelsea your treating this too much like texting. We're on a date. My day was good."

this guy here is a charmer, yeah?

miss iifagg: "Oh sorry! So where are we going on our date?"

mr. dating pro: "My backyard. Lets star gaze."
miss iifagg: "Sweet. Lets do it."

mr. dating pro: "Oh ya, if you put something in these: () those are the actions we're doing on the date.
miss iifagg: (smiling) okay.

i'm awesome.

k..so there is more awkward small talk until FINALLY we got to his backyard (it took us like.. half an hour to get there.) we got on his tramp with a blanket and pillow (SOOOOOO glad this date is basically fake right now btw) and we lay there and look at the stars.. 

here are some more good ones.. 

miss iifagg: "(looking at stars) pretty."
mr dating pro: "(looking at his beautiful date) I know, you are."
miss iifagg: "(looking at stars) I like the big bright one."
mr dating pro: "(looking at Chelsea Walker) You're more beautiful than stars."
miss iifagg: "(looking at stars) Well, thanks!"

i didn't want to look at my date. we were STAR GAZING. so i was GAZING at the STARS.. but that wasn't okay with mr. dating pro.. 


mr. dating pro: "(looking at his date) I think you should look at me."
miss iifagg: "(looking at date) Look at that star! (point at star, look at star)"
mr. dating pro: "time out. do you not like looking at me?"
miss iifagg: "I love stars. I'm imagining them very pretty tonight.. But I'll look at you."

The rest of the date was.. Well.. Awkward and weird. Yikes. Am I lucky or what?!

But here was the icing on the cake.. Let me catch you up..
He drove me home and he just walked me to the door.. Oh! We were holding hands on the way to the door.. (Again.. SOOOOOOO glad this is a fake date!)

mr. dating pro: "Well Chelsea its been so fun. Lets do this again?"
miss iifagg: "Okee dokee."
mr. dating pro: "Okay bye Chelsea. (long hug and kiss)"


no way this is going down..

miss iifagg: "Bye. (goes inside)"
mr. dating pro: "No hug and kiss?"

i didn't answer for several minutes..

mr. dating pro: "Chelsea, I hugged and kissed you so you have to go with it."
miss iifagg: "Oh."

mr. dating pro: "You gotta say it. Its the rules."

k..you guys read the rules.. NOWHERE did it say you have to end the "date" even if it is FAKE with a kiss!! ick, ick ICK!! I refuse to even think it. Blech.

again..I do not answer for some time..

mr. dating pro: "Chels?"
miss iifagg: "Oh sorry, I'm falling asleep! Thanks for the date. Lets talk tomorrow, k?!" 
mr. dating pro: "Oh alright, night Chelsea. Thanks! (kiss)"

guess what? I wasn't falling asleep! :) hee.. i'm rad.
see.. for some boys.. i'd consider "kissing" them on our texting date.. but you guys don't understand! this guy.. wowie! no. i'm sorry. i'm afraid if i kiss him on a texting date then he'll kiss me on a real date. that is if i ever say yes again to him.. 

well then.. that was my texting date. i know i was kind of harsh.. i feel sort of bad, too. sort of.
so i promise tomorrow i will text him and tell him sorry and all that.. i guess. 

i'm really not that mean of a person, i promise.

and don't get me wrong.. this guy is actually a very nice guy and he means well. really. i promise he does. he is just a little awkward and yeah..not my type. but that doesn't mean that i shouldn't talk to him, right?! i hate when people do that. so i try not to be one of those people.
i usually quite enjoy texting him. he is fun to talk to and is quite understanding and supportive and sweet. 
today he just..wasn't his best. 

oh & ps.. isnt' IIFAGG an awesome name for me?! bahahahaha!! 

Sunday, August 23, 2009

i am SO glad dinosaurs aren't still alive

Last night I had one of THE scariest dreams I have ever had, and I've had my fair share of really, really scary dreams. If you hadn't already figured it out by the title of my post, my dream was about those dang dino's. 
Basically it went like this; Adi, 2 little kittens and myself were staying on the top floor of some hotel (where Savannah and my parents were, I have no idea) and we were looking out the window and all the sudden from in between these really grassy mountains came ZILLIONS of huge, mean looking, growling dinosaurs that were pretty much eating everything in their path. Scared the crap outa me, guys. 
So we're sitting, just watching out the window at all the peril and destruction going on in the city beneath us when suddenly a giant t-rex type dinosaur comes right up to our hotel and guess what? He was a tall dino and his head was level with our window. I believe I told Adi to hold still so the dinosaur wouldn't see us (I seem to recall them doing that a lot in Jurassic Park, so I guess I figured it'd work in this dream, too) but it turns out you can't tell kitty's to hold still. One of the little kitties started scampering across the floor cause, lucky kitty, didn't know there was an evil t-rex in the window!! I wish it wouldn't have done that. Because then the dino ATE HER!! Right in front of us! And I can still see it! Ugh. Rude! Sad. Evil. Ugh. 
Now Mr. T-Rex knows we're in there so he starts bangin' up the hotel. I'm not sure how, but the hotel began to collapse. So Adi, the other kitty and I book it down all the hotel stairs trying to get to the bottom. We finally made it outside. And it was scary outside. More dinosaurs.. You get the idea.
Because I don't want to bore you with my whole dream I'll just tell you the end of my dream. Finally the FBI came, (yes, them) and they shooed the dinosaurs into the ocean. I'm hoping they all drowned and will never come back in my dreams AGAIN! Adi, Kitty and I made it safety back home and we all lived happily ever-after. 
The End

Friday, August 14, 2009


Lately I have been looking for a job.. I figure, I'm 18 & not currently going to school, so I should probably get one, right?!
I've been looking here & there and its so hard to find any place that is hiring! 

Which leads me to my question.. 
Do any of you have ideas of where I could work?
Or have you seen places that are hiring? 

I'm not too picky about where I will work, I just REALLY don't want to work with food. My expectations are low, I'm not expecting to fall in-love with this job, I just need one.

So if by chance a decent sounding job pops into your head, it would be lovely to hear your suggestions!!

Monday, August 10, 2009


i woke up with exceptionally great hair this morning..

thought i'd share


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Jo Bros

Okay.. The Jonas Brothers.. I love them. But I have a problem I need to state and get ya'alls opinion on.. Does it bother anyone else that Joe is always the middle man?!

K here is my rant.. Yes, yes, Joe has an excellent voice and isn't the ugliest thing in the world. BUT have you heard Nicks voice?! And have you seen Nick? Umm.. WOW!! It is fantastic! Nick is the one with the real talent. His voice is super duper unique and just.. wow!! Ya know what I'm sayin?

Then there's the whole thing with Kevin.. Why doesn't he ever get any solos? He is a Jonas, too!!! People say he can't sing as well..but how would they know?! We never hear him by himself!

Darn Joe. Always hogging the spotlight. And..I find that Joe is a little full of himself.. Always flinging his hair, almost ALWAYS being in the center of Jonas photographs (like the one pictured above..) and he dances really silly. It just doesn't sit right with me. 

Joe, I am sorry. But you are my least favorite of the Jo Bro's. (#1-Nick. #2-Kevin #3-Joe) Your name is kind of funny, too. Joe Jonas.. Like.. On Disney Channel when you're like "Hey I'm Joe Jonas from Jonas.." Seriously.. Thats too much repetition for one sentence. However dear.. I still love you, especially in the Disney channel show, Jonas. You are quite funny in it. 
At least on that show the Jonas's are all treated as equals. 

Yes..when my sissys and I pretend we are the Jonas Brothers (yes we play that game) I am always Joe.. But thats only because I am the best at being dramatic and into myself.. Oh.. And here is something troubling.. Whenever I take the quizzes on FB about which Jonas I am.. I always get Joe.. I dunno.. Maybe I need to be more open and loving towards Joe since apparently we are quite similar.. But as of right now.. I'm just a bit bitter towards him...

Thank you for listening to my very important Jonas Brothers rant.
Love, ChelseaKate


THIS is Evan. I love Evan. 
My family and I are quite addicted to So You Think You Can Dance and we're all happy to say Evan has made it to the top 4. Today was the finale and tomorrow is the results show to see who has won the title of America's Favorite Dancer. 
We think it should be EVAN!
The mommy, Savannah, Adi and I voted for dear Evan for the FULL two hours. We're devoted fans.
Awww.. Evan.
Look at him, he is just a cutie-pie.
He is a broadway dancer.. He has this cute little personality and is just a happy fellow. He has definitely won us over. 

Anyway, this is my post telling you all about our devotion to Evan. Cross your fingers with us and hope he wins!!