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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

babies & boobies

I went with my mommy and sisters a few days ago to see this movie.

Umm.. CUTE.

I freakin' love babies, though, so of course I'd say that, yeah?

I think guys would become uncomfortable in this movie, though. And little kiddies. Lots and LOTS of boobies. Like.. Many, many boobies. But hey, kids gotta eat somehow! :)

Anywho.. I propose you see it. {It doesn't actually show in Utah County, so you'll have to make a bit of a drive.} I say its worth it.

It was just adorable. It follows the first year of 4 babies from different places. USA, Japan, Mongolia and Namibia..

My personal favorites were-- Mongolia baby-because he was THE happiest little guy I've EVER seen. {I was sort of concerned though.. He seems to be alone a lot..} And also, The Namibia little boy-That guy had some personality. And was darling. Loved his lips. Adorable little dude.

It was really cool to see how different these peoples lives were from mine!

My favorite part--The Japanese girl throwing the fit of all fits. It. Was. Incredible. You've got to see it to understand it. It was just marvelous.

So, please, for me, go see it. :)

Glee goes GAGA

So basically, I can NOT wait for this episode..TONIGHT!! It has been a very long week because I've sooo been looking forward to this. No lie. No joke. I decided to share some of my excitement with you. Enjoy.

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Ostriches scare the CRAP out of me..

But FunFinity {sp?} had a cool little puppet ostrich.

Savannah and I liked it.

And that is all.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

hello my name is chelsea and i have a problem..

I have a terribly unhealthy addiction to CSI.

CSI Las Vegas
CSI Miami
CSI New York
{btw, i don't know which is my fav. but i know its not miami}

So anyway.. I've found that it is severely corrupting my life. I live and breath CSI, these days.

For example, any time we pass a creepy building, I predict there is a dead body or meth lab, inside. If we pass any big fields...yeah, there are probably several bodies, there. Creeks? Full of them. Abandoned cars...heck yes, there's a body, inside. Construction sites? You betchya!

I freak myself out, too. I hate going places by myself, because someone is going to come attack me or kill me. I hate being alone, cause someone is probably stalking me and planning something terrible to do to me. {Yes, apparently, I'm quite the target.}

Listen to this! Two nights ago, I am completely convinced someone tried to sneak in my house. You think I'm kidding. No, no. I am not. Thank goodness for the annoying alarms in my home that go off every time you open a door. {A british lady saying "front door," "back door," "garage door."} I'm serious though... It was 2am and I was watching CSI {of course} then all the sudden, the back door swings open. I'm shocked I didn't pee my pants! Scared me sooooooooo bad! Luckily my shih-tzu, Walter, sleeps next to the door and thinks he is ferocious and he scared them away..or something. I grabbed the remote so I could beat the tar out of whoever the person was out there.. They never showed themselves, though. ::whew:: Then I shut and locked the door and could not, I repeat, NOT sleep. I was way too freaked. Spooky ooky.

See? Thats not good. Like I said, UNHEALTHY ADDICTION.

CSI Las Vegas
This picture is old though.. I couldn't find a dang recent one.
That main, bearded guy in the front.. No longer on the show.
The black guy with the rad, fro type thing.. Dead.
::sniff, sniff:: {still depressed about that}
P.s. The 3 guys on the right.... :) Oo la la.
Not so much the guys on the left..

CSI Miami
Main guy, Horatio Caine.. Kinda drives me crazy.
This is the CSI other shows seem to like to copy, though.
The sunglasses. The song with the scream.
Etc. Etc.
The guy you can't see so well.. The one next to the blonde lady..
He = :)

CSI New York
I like the whole cast of this one
...especially the police officer on the far left...
This one always seems the most intense to me
Love it.
{closer shot}
Dawn Flack..
Definitely my all time favorite CSI character.
:) :) :)

Monday, May 17, 2010


I'm one of those super lucky people in the world who has mono...

Well, its back.

Its been back for a few weeks, actually.

But I am really, really, like REALLY sick of it, now.

Its messed me up. I sleep all day and am awake all night.

A typical day goes like this:
Wake up at about 1pm
Throughout the day take many long & short naps
Complain, often
Go to bed around 11 or 12
Lay there and almost cry I'm so uncomfortable, sleepy and sore
Finally fall asleep around 4:30-5am


Sounds fun, right?


I'd love to actually sleep at night, but for whatever reason I can never get comfortable.

I just sit there and hurt. All my muscles kill. I'm achey. I hate it.

I'm to the point where I want to take sleeping pills and get addicted. I don't care if I become a crazy addict, anymore.

So does anyone have some fabulous suggestions of stuff I can take to sleep like a normal person at night?!


Okay, that is all.
I just needed to vent.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

i LOVE mothers day


As mothers day was getting closer, I didn't know if I'd be one of the lucky girlfriends who got to talk to her missionary or not..

My title kind of gave it away but, yes..



I was just home, sleeping on the couch {i'm sick, again, btw} when my phone started ringing. It was Todd's sweet mommy. Guess what she did? She invited me to come over and talk to him!


I didn't even get ready {yikes} I jumped off the couch, grabbed my keys and left. I even left my phone behind! I never do that.. So clearly, I was way excited.


Being at his home was so much fun! I got to talk to his mom, dad, brother, sisters, sister-in-law, brother-in-law, nieces & nephews. I LOVE the Oakey family.


Then FINALLY it was my turn. {I went last.}


Gah!! Hearing his voice=heaven.


I love him.

I wish I could talk to him on the phone more often.

He's already kind of got an accent! Its way cute! :)

We got to talk for a while and it was the best thing ever.
I cried again. Dang that boy can turn me into a baby!!
He is doing sooo good. He loves it there, I can just tell. He has done 7 baptisms, already!


He said the SWEETEST things to me. I got all shaky and I still have butterflies from it all. He is so incredible.
I'm the luckiest little lady in the land.

I love my missionary!!

Friday, May 7, 2010

fairy photography

Somehow, babysitting, today turned into a

full on PHOTO-SHOOT.

Savannah had the brilliant idea to turn Adi into a fairy.

For those of you who don't know Adi, she is teeny. We often refer to her as a fairy..
It just fits..

So a few hours later, after a long time of doing hair & make-up and transforming Miss Adi into a fairy..

Savannah led us outside and began directing the shoot.

I think she did a good job.

And I was pretty pleased with my photography skills.

PS Adi didn't feel gorgeous at all.

There was no parading around like she was a princess.

There was also no talk about how she is basically a real-life model.

{Can you hear the sarcasm?!}

So please.. Enjoy the pictures. Critique them. Give us feed-back. Or whatever you will.

Adi - Fairy Photo Shoot


Just a quick question.. Over the months, I've seemed to have picked up a few followers who don't speak the same language as me.. They leave me comments that are lovely, I'm sure... But I can't read them.

Does anyone know how to somehow translate them or something?!..


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

someones watching over ME

I used to bash on my humanities class & teacher, often.

NEVER will I do that again.

I have a story for you all about why my humanities professor, is now my favorite teacher at UVU.

We had a 2-part final. One was in class, where we played jeopardy in our teams.. My team won second place...good. The second part was the actual test. It was online, so we could take it at home.

So I did that.

Two days before it was due, even.
{go, me}

The next day, my friend Houston, who is also in that class with me, texts me in a panic. He had submitted his test, went back to check on its submission, and it told him it was never submitted. And guess what? By the time he went back to check, it was past the due date. So he told me to check mine, etc. I asked another one of my friends, Adam, if he'd had that problem, too. I got a text back from him that said, "Ughh."

Oh shoot.

Yeah so guess what?
Mine didn't submit, either, of course.


I e-mailed my teacher and he told me there really wasn't much he could do...

Bummer for Houston, Adam & Chelsea, right?

I had finally just decided to be okay with the fact that I probably flunked humanities and would have to retake it, when I got a call.

From who?

My FAVORITE professor.

He told me Houston {my new hero} called him and explained the whole situation to him. How we all really did take the test before the due date, how we submitted it the way we've submitted all our other online assignments, and how we were now all pretty NOT happy, etc.

Then my sweet, wonderful, amazing, merciful professor informed me, just for the 4 of us {apparently another girl from our class had this problem, too} he would re-open the online final until midnight, tonight.

I wasted no time. I re-took it. Just finished, in fact.

What's great is that I'm pretty sure I did better this time around.


Am I lucky, or what?