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Sunday, April 26, 2009

My Senior Prom!!

Yesterday, April 25th was Prom! I went with a boy named Jesse Sumsion. The date turned out to actually be a lot better than I thought it would have! I was a little skeptical because I did not know Jesse at all! It went very well though and I had a good time with him. At 9 a.m. we went somewhere in the mountains and went 4-wheeling and rode Jesse's Razor (I think thats what it was called..) It was so exciting and rough! I am still so sore from it! But the pain was worth it! Then we came home and had to get ready pretty fast and then we went to Tocanos (sp?) for dinner. After we went to Prom at the Provo Courthouse. Jesse and I are both seniors so we got to do Promenade! It was very exciting. We'd stand at the top of a large staircase as my college writing teacher, Mr. Waddoups, read our names, then we made our way down the stairs. I was SO scared I was going to fall and die and make a fool out of myself. Luckily I didn't. Jesse said he'd move at my speed so I wouldn't feel like I was going to fall. Very nice of him.. Then we did our pictures, then we danced for a while! By this time unfortunately six of the eight people in the group were not feeling good. We were thinking it was the dinner. That sucked.. Then we all left and we went back home, changed in to normal clothes, then went and saw a movie!! It was sad..On our way to the movie Jesse got pulled over! Ah..It wasn't good. He was not a happy camper! But he recovered quite nicely! After the movie we were all beat from such a busy day, they took us home, said goodbye, thanks and goodnight..and THAT was my senior prom! 

Pretty much I am in love with this dress. It is my favorite. 
We didn't do very good this year with taking single pictures of me.. But its a good picture of my dress!! Ah, so pretty! It is my Cinderella dress.
Here is Jesse and me

The whole way down the stairs I was talking to Jesse, "Don't let me fall! Ah I'm gonna trip! This is scary!
Pictures at the bottom of the staircase..
Our group.. (very, very interesting, questionable bunch of people!) Yikes.
I found my bestie, Katie at the dance! She is beautiful! We had to get a picture.
This is my new favorite picture in the entire universe. :) I love us! 
ps my mom is going to do a post (hopefully that is more exciting than mine) about my prom too.. :) 

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I am loved

Alright. Another Kindergarten story!! :) Yay!
In class we have been working on math problems. Just the simple addition stuff. Anyway, thats off subject. Okay so yesterday Mrs. Porter split the class up into small groups to work on their math skills, I noticed a group needed help so I went and sat on the floor with them to help. I sat cross legged, indian style, criss-cross apple sauce (whatever the heck that position is called) Then Maddie came and sat on my lap, followed by Leah who sat on my knee, followed by Cooper who leaned on my other, free side. It was cute. Then Leah decided we were a family and assigned us characters. "Maddie and I are the kids, Cooper is the dad and Chelsea is the mom." This was shortly followed by the class chanting "Cooper loves Chelsea." K now here is how cute Cooper is. They are all chanting this and normally any kid in our class would get embarrassed or deny it, not Coop. He's too cute, he comes back with, "yeah, so?!" It was priceless. As this chant is going on, Mrs. Porter and I look at another group where a little sweetie, Carson is sitting, crying. Mrs. Porter asked him what was wrong and Carson answers, "But I love Chelsea, more!" Ah.. So cute. It made my heart melt. Those kids are my best friends!

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Okay I can't wait any longer. For those of you who follow my moms blog, ya know that surprise she kept talking about? Okay, it was DISNEYLAND!! It was so fun. I thought she'd do the post but she is taking too long. So I'm going to. ha! 
The girls didn't know about this trip. They were going crazy on the long drive not knowing where we were going. But they thought it was worth it! :) 
Playing in downtown Disney
Our first day there it poured. So we got to purchase some of those sexy ponchos!
splash mountain
in line for Indiana Jones. (and yes i am aware this is sideways but I don't know how to flip pictures!)
our feets
Miss Adi and her cookie
me and bugs sugar cookies that were DIVINE 
SHS's choir tour was the same time we were there.. So I got to see Sarah, Cassie and Chelsea there!! yay! it was wonderful. So here is us.. We are cute.
Big Thunder Mountain. I love this picture.
One of our sitting breaks. The mommy and I didn't wear good shoes on this trip. They were KILLING our feet.
We ran into the cute twins again! Chelsea is on the left, Cassie on right.
Eating at Hungry Bear. Our favorite Disney restaurant.
Riding on the Carousel 
I love that little Bug.
We're holding the owl.
Imitating the squirrel. Cute. I love us. 
On Splash Mountain again. 
and again..
Now we are bugs. 
On the Mark Twain. Those are my two bestest buddies being all cute.
The Mommy & Che. Yeah, we're rad.
Eating dinner late one night. Miss Adi and The Mommy.
Cheka and Bug
Posing on the teacups..
I am aware this is like..A lot of pictures. But it was really hard just to choose a few. :) Hope ya'all enjoyed!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Goodness

This easter we had my cousin Beatrice with us while her parents were in Moab. Very fun. We love her a TON!! She's super cute & full of energy. She is my favorite little girl ever. :) 
Future musician. She liked the guitar, too.

The Easter Bunny brought us Nerf Guns this year. ha! Adi has to use her feet to get the thing to shoot. So cute.
The Easter dress picture
"It is the people you love the most that can reveal your true smile."
"Because being together is enough to get me through."
Miss Adi's eggs
My little bugs eggs
My master pieces 
It was a good Easter!! I loved spending time with the family, coloring eggs, playing with Miss Adi, Savannah Bug and Bea. Hope you all had a good one, too!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

My ER Adventure!

WELL! Do I have a story for you or what? Yes I do. Here is how it starts.. So on wednesday morning I got this intense, stabbing, sharp pain in the right side of my abdomen. It got to the point where I really couldn't stand up straight, I still can't, I couldn't take deep breaths, also still can't do that, I couldn't move fast at all, still can't do that, and many other technical difficulties. It is zero fun. It hurts more than any other pain I have felt. So my parents got all worried because it was on my right side in the lower area so they were worried that it was my appendix so next thing I know I am in the car with the mommy who is driving me to Mountain View Hospital in Payson. We went to the ER. After talking with a lady who I told what was going on, next thing I know I am whisked away into a room, changed into a gown, laying under a "warm blanket," laying on a hospital bed, waiting.. I wasn't happy about being there ps. 
A nurse and doctor came in and decided that I would need to do some blood and urine tests. Lucky me, you are jealous I know. They took my blood first. Here is the thing. I have never given blood before so this was my FIRST time! I was scared! It hurt, ouch. You can see the little needle thingy in my arm in a few of these pictures. :( Sad day for Che. Oh and heres some of the best news.. The room I was put in was labeled as the Gynecology room. So that was really cool and didn't make me feel stupid-er at all as people walked by my room. Oh gee.. I wonder what they were thinking was up with me! 
While I had the needle in my arm and was waiting to be able to pee.. (I went to the bathroom right before we left to the ER so there was NO way that I could pee..so we had to wait a while for that..after much mental persuasion and a giant cup of water I was able to, but it did take some time) Anyway..While I was waiting to do that.. The doctor came in and started feeling around my belly, asking if certain places hurt..You know the deal. Basically they didn't know what was wrong and kept saying hopefully the blood and urine tests will let us know. Well guess what? They sent them in, I stayed in that room, the tests came back and they let me know the tests didn't show anything. I am a medical mystery. Finally after hours later they let me go. But I was told to come back the next day for an ultrasound. 
The next day I went back to the hospital with the mommy and got my ultrasound. ps.. the guy who gave me my ultrasound was probably THE most attractive man I have ever seen in my life. WOW! I stared at him the whole ultrasound I'm pretty sure. Ahhhhh (that was an in-love sounding sigh.) Nice way to meet a hot guy, right? With my shirt up and him rubbing this thing around with all this goop sliding around my belly. Very romantic. Anyway.. The ultrasound was for looking at my kidneys and gallbladder and big shock, they found nothing. After going back to the ER one more time the only conclusion they can come up with is that I tore my oblique muscle from my ribs which is said to be pretty painful and if that is indeed what I did, YES, it is very painful. Wow. So they let me go, still with that same constant pain that just doesn't leave.. They said it will get worse in the next few days but after that it should go away.. If not, I guess the mommy and I will be making another visit to the ER. I'll keep you posted. Anyway.. Just thought I'd fill you in on my little ER adventure!