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Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Wonderful Night :)

Yesterday, March 28th, was SHS's Preference & oh boy! I had the BEST time!! Holy moly. I went with Tyler Johnson and he was well worth the long wait for an answer! :) We doubled with my friend Jenna & her boyfriend Alecc. 
Tyler and I looked pretty spiffy if I do say so myself. Of course, Tyler is a cutie in the first place so I knew he'd  be darling! And yes, yes he was! Anyway.. For the date we went to California Pizza Kitchen. It was fun. We were the only ones there dressed for a dance it was cooleo. We ate lots of pizza and had so much fun talking and laughing and oh boy..it was grand. Then we went to the dance that was at the Springville Art Museum which was pretty cool. Although I do have a complaint about that. The room where they decided to have the dance was TEENY so cramming all those people in there sure made the room sweaty and hot! But it didn't phase us too much! The dance was ridiculously fun. Tyler was a crazy dancer, and I like that, cause I  love to dance at the dances, it just isn't as fun when you just stand there and kinda bob to the music. Nothing against the people that do that, I just prefer to boogie. :) We also got pictures taken at the dance and they are going to be SOOOO cute! If I can figure out how I'll post them on here one day when I get them back! After the dance we came to my house where we ate ice cream and laughed and talked some more. Then we took everyone home around 12:30ish. Yup, it was one of the best dances I've been to. The things I am saying don't even do the dance justice, it was awesome. I made a super decision in which boy to take & we had a fantastic time!! Yay! 

I love my dress

I look silly & I don't know what Tyler is doing
This was our "embarrassed to look at the camera" picture
Cute. Cute. Cute.

Tyler looks shocked & I look sleepy

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Good News!

I am pleased to announce that I have been answered to Preference finally!! :) Yay! I am happy. I was kind of getting to the point where I was starting to think of different boys to ask, so I am glad he hurried it up & answered! He didn't do it all fancy-like or anything, he just called me & told me he could go and also apologized very sweetly for taking so long to answer.. I don't even care that I didn't get a cute answer, I am just happy I am going! :) My dress is darling, my date is darling, so is my group. Its just gonna be a darling day! 

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

a few of the many reasons why I love my Kindergarten friends

Kids are my favorite. EVER. Ever, really. They're adorable, especially my darling Kindergarten class. Holy moly we're talking major cute factor with these little friends of mine. Ah. Love them. 
Today in class we were making our bodies because that is the unit we are on at the moment. Fun fun. Well, this unit has brought about a whole lotta laughs for me. So I have a few funny little stories for you, maybe they aren't so cute when I tell them, they could very easily be one of those things where you had to be there to get the full cuteness affect, but I am going to tell you anyway. :) Why? Because I love my afternoon friends. 
The other day I was put in charge of showing the basic body parts to the kids while they were sitting on the rug. I had a poster of a cartoon person in some exercise  looking clothes and I'd point to the head, they'd tell me it was the head, point to their foot, they tell you its the persons foot, etc. (They're very smart) The body parts I was in charge of showing were head, arms, hands, chest, stomach, legs and feet. But most of the kids in my class let me know I was forgetting one very important body part. The bum. Then I got a lecture about how your bum is very important because without it you couldn't sit or "get rid of waste" as one friend put it. It was quite funny. I never really pointed out the bum though, they obviously already knew so much about it, I didn't feel like I needed to show them the location of it. 
Another cute little thing happened in class today. We were cutting out these bodies that we were gluing to a skeleton we had made last week, well the body we were cutting out was a body of a generic person, it could be a boy or girl, but in all honesty, it sure looked like a girl to me & the rest of the class, too. The body could have been either or, but the hair is what made it look girlie. It was short, wavy/curly looking hair. So my friends are sitting, cutting out their body and started talking about if there person was a boy or a girl. Eventually everyone started saying how the body was a girl because of the hair. Well there is a sweetheart little boy in my class, Tony, who happens to have slightly longer hair that is curly/wavy, he is a BOY. Boy. The discussion lasted a long time and it was eventually decided this body was a girl. Then all the sudden, precious little Tony who is super shy looked down at his body he was cutting out and said, "Wait!! This one has my hair!" Eventually people started checking Tony out to see that he did have very similar hair to their "girl." However they stuck to their gut feelings, claiming it really was a girl. Then Tony, "But I am a boy and this is my hair!" You could tell he was really confused and sad. It was kind of heart breaking to see his little face trying to figure this whole thing out. Finally I couldn't take it so I informed the class it was a boy if you were a boy, and a girl if you were a girl. Then cute Cooper, another darling boy in my class, agreed with me, "Yeah guys cause mine is a boy with hair like Tony's!" Then it was decided, it was a boy for the boys and a girl for the girls and we were all happy and Tony no longer felt sad. It was just really cute, it seemed like once Cooper and I announced that the body could be either one, everyone settled down and let it be. Coop and I must just be an amazing team. 

Friday, March 13, 2009

Guessing Game..

Would you like to know something that bothers me?? I will tell you..
Okay, so on February 27th I asked a person who will not be named in this post to Preference that is on March 28th.. Yes I know I asked him very early but every other girl asked even earlier too so I had to do it early to have at least a semi decent pick! Okay anyway.. So that was like, two weeks ago and guess what? No answer. I'm not saying I am mad at him or anything.. I just hate anticipation. If he is going to say no, I'd just like him to hurry and say it so I can ask somebody else, you know? I can understand if it takes you a while to answer someone because you are out of town or something logical like that, but I know for a fact he hasn't been. So therefore it is just this never ending guessing game. Lovely. Once again, not one bit angry at him, I'm just a super bad waiter and I am impatient. (Which is the same thing! haha..) Well anyway, just thought I would let you all know my thoughts! :) 

Monday, March 9, 2009

My Not-So-Rad Weekend

(picture credit given to miss adi kayde)
Do you know what I really hate? Throwing up. The reasons are obvious. Its just nasty. You can find zero good in it. It hurts, its yucky, etc. Well..If you haven't guessed already, throwing up is what my body decided to do this weekend. Ewie! I don't approve. I never told my stomach that was allowed. Rude. Anyway, it happened. It started late friday night. All day friday I was feeling just fine, I didn't even feel a little bit sick, but once it was bedtime a whole new sensation came along. The whole, oh crap I'm about to barf sensation. I hate that. So I just laid on the couch (where I most commonly sleep because my rooms WAY too freezing) and tried to sleep away that yucky feeling. But it didn't work because moments later it happened. After throwing up the one time I just figured I was done cause thats how it usually works for me, do it once then I'm good. No such luck this time. :( I went back to the couch and moments later was back in the bathroom. This eventually became a ritual. Throw up, lay down, book it to the bathroom, throw up, lay down.. After my seventh-ish visit to the bathroom I was really sick of the sprint to the bathroom and I was all weak and shaky so I decided to make myself a little bed in the hall that consisted of a teeny pillow, and two small blankets. I'd lay right outside the bathroom, when I felt the sensation, I'd scoot myself to the toilet, do that, and go back to my "bed" in the hall. Then it got annoying having to scoot to the bathroom so I ended up relocating my "bed" to the actual bathroom (pictured at top). Ps, our bathroom is small. But it was nice because whenever I had to throw up I just sat up and the toilet was conveniently there. Splendid. Well, I think I threw up somewhere around eighteen times that night. It was a crappy night. I'd get all sweaty and shaky and cold and hot. Ugh. No fun. 
Morning eventually came and saturday wasn't much better. There weren't as many visits to the bathroom, but I still felt icky. I laid on the couch, watched tv and drank some peach soda thing and sort of ate a few saltines, I was scared to eat cause it seemed like anything I ate came out too quickly. Sunday I was semi feeling better but then my parents went on a walk and half way through it the mommy decided she didn't feel good so the daddy called me to come pick her up. So I did and I went over this bump and it did me in. I was holding it in as best as I could and once we were home I had to run to the bathroom AGAIN. Anyway, its now monday afternoon and there has yet to be any vomit. :) I am sorry to bore (or possibly gross you out) with this nasty, random story, but I really wanted to post and that was all I had experienced this weekend! :) 

Friday, March 6, 2009


Okee Dokee pals.. For those of you who look at my mommies posts, maybe you will remember the post she did about the poem this certain person on a mission sent me?? If you don't, here is the deal. There is this boy who I barely know. He happens to hang out with a few of my friends but we were never really friends. A few weeks before he left on his mission we sort of talked a bit. (But still, I hardly know the fella.) Anyway..Somehow,  I really don't even know how, we started writing each other. (Strange because once again, DON'T know him but whatev.) Now apparently while on his mission he has decided he enjoys writing me poetry.. Well I'm pleased to say I've received ANOTHER poem! hahahaha..He kills me. The one my mom posted is better than this one. But I figured since I have a blog now, I can start posting them. So..Without further ado.. Here is....
Chelsea my buddy, Chelsea my friend
I'll always love you, till the very end.
Chelsea you are so beautiful, and smart
You freshen the room, even when you fart
Not to be crude, but that's how it is.
Now if you don't mind, please take this quiz
Who is a princess, who is a queen?
Who has the prettiest face I've ever seen?
If you don't quite know, or haven't a clue,
It's because nobody is as humble as you.
You are the answer to the questions above
My angel, my little pony, and my fondest love.
When I see your face, it sure makes my day.
If every girl were like you, no man could be gay.
You comfort my heart and silence my fears
I wish I could clone you and wipe out the queers.
(his "mother")
This is sooo beautiful Elder (anonymous)
it makes me want to cry
or throw-up I can't decide...
(back to him now..)
Sorry, that was moms stamp of approval
She edits my poems, when lines need removal
("mother" again)
The line with the fart really
gave me a start
But I kept on reading
Now my heart is bleeding
For you little Chelsea-
You're one lucky girl!!
(him again..)
She's right little Chelsea, you're one lucky girl
Not like the others that see me and hurl.
For you, my lover, I'd fight a rabid squirrel
You are so pretty, and rare like a pearl.
I mentioned you smell good, even when you toot
And if you are willing, I'd lick your left boot.
Let me, let me, let me please!
If you don't I'll eat fifty live bees.
He is sick
(Be his chick)

And there it is. Pretty interesting, huh? Wow.. And here is the thing.. At first I thought he was just kidding and all this stuff.. But now the mommy and I aren't really so sure what his feelings are for me! HA. We still think its hilarious. He's a goof ball. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my lovely poem! :) 

Monday, March 2, 2009

Things I didn't even know about Chelsea!

This is a fun game where you go to google, type your name then the following word such as "Chelsea Looks Like" then look at your results, I chose to post my top three results.. It is a fun one, I recommend it to anyone who likes a good laugh! :)

Chelsea Looks Like:
  • a drag queen (excuse me?? I didn't think my 5 o'clock shadow was that bad!)
  • she's trying to strangle herself (sad!! thats sure not kind of me)
  • she was out on the slopes all day and now has a tan (both of those-so true. I ski so much and I get very tan...ha I wish)
Chelsea Likes:
  • to sew and draw (oh do I? huh..)
  • to nap by Bizzy Girl (ironically I call Savannah Bizzy, and she is a girl, so this is true)
  • this other guy thats really a good guy (who doesn't??)
Chelsea Says:
  • Lewinsky scandal is off limits (does anyone care anymore?)
  • Watch Out!! (I do!!)
  • while its snowing-search for summer (i often say this..its my poetic side)
Chelsea Wants:
  • a baby (SO freaking bad I do! but not now..i'll wait)
  • to come to India (oh! thats news to me!)
  • Daniel to be more than her doctor (I can't resist me some Daniel!)
Chelsea Hates:
  • the rain (yes, but the smell is a different story)
  • the whole situation (you don't even know..)
  • the "I Hate Chelsea Club" (pretty sure this is self explanatory)
Chelsea Can:
  • win the title (go me!!)
  • 't bust a move (I beg to differ)
  • 't win the title (wait, so I can or I can't??)
Chelsea Goes:
  • for demure (i'm sure i do.. i just don't know what it means)
  • the distance (all the way baby)
  • green (it IS the in thing to do)
Chelsea Is:
  • a neighborhood (cooleo!)
  • now a member (sa-weet!! i've always wanted to be)
  • a district in London (I thought i was a girl in springville..)
Chelsea Loves:
  • gay bars (wow..ew.)
  • the Sierra's (they're probably pretty)
  • Jake (huh..anyone who knows about this situation will understand why I have nothing to say about that..and to clear things up for those who don't know..i don't.)
Chelsea The:
  • BirdNerd (heck yes I am!)
  • Chelsea (the girl so nice we named her twice)
  • Shih Tzu diva (well duh! and i know you're jealous)