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Monday, November 29, 2010

"thank you" means more in november

November is almost over and I have not yet done a "thankful" post. Although I still only have Internet on my phone, I have to do it. Better late than never, yeah?

Being thankful is something I think we don't "do" near as much as we should. At least, I know that I'm not always as thankful as I should be. This is something I intend to change about myself.

I, ChelseaKate, am thankful for:

MOMMY: My mom is the best of the best. She is pretty, funny, energetic, selfless, sarcastic, loving and so much more. My mom is my best friend. I'm lucky and I have a real close relationship with her. I very seldomly feel weird about telling her EVERYTHING. Really, I tell her it all. She knows every detail of my life. I love that. I'm so thankful I got the worlds greatest mom who loves me, my sisters and my daddy so much.

DADDY-O: My daddy. I love him. I am so thankful for his example that has always been there for me whether I knew it or not. Since I was little, I could find my dad reading his scriptures and I believe that is a main reason why I read my scriptures. My dad always reminds my family to pray, too. I know sometimes I act annoyed when he tells me, but really, I'm glad he never let's up on that. He's always been so supportive in me having a good, educated future, I'm so grateful I have him as my driving force.

SAVANNAH KLAIRE: I don't even know where to start. I love Bug so much that I can get emotional just thinking about it. She is my little angel. She's the reason I have hope. When I was an only child, I always hoped I could get a baby sister or brother even though I knew it was hard for my mom to get pregnant. I never gave up hope, and I got the most beautiful Savannah. I'm so thankful Bug and I are closer than close. I'm thankful we tell each other everything and always find something to smile at. I'm thankful for her laugh and her twinkly eyes and her enormous heart.

ADELINE KAYDE: Adi-Lu. Gosh, I love that princess. I am so thankful to have Adi as a roll model. She's like my second mom and I'm so grateful. Adi has a selfless, giving heart. She's wonderful. I'm thankful for her "magical hugs" and I'm thankful that Adi loves me so much that she wants to be like me. I'm thankful that she make me want to better myself. I'm so happy I have Adi in my life to keep me active and laughing. I'm thankful for her tiny body and cheerful smile.

TODD: I am so thankful for all the personal things Todd has taught me, especially while serving his mission. I'm thankful for his decision to serve the Lord. I'm thankful for his caring heart and magic blue eyes.

FRIENDS: As if I weren't already so lucky due to my family, I'm even more lucky because of my wonderful, beautiful friends. Wow. Without my friends I'd be a mess in my bed. I'm so thankful they listen to me, care for me, want me to succeed and lift me up daily. My parents always taught me to surround myself with good people. I truly don't think friends get better than mine.

GRANDPARENTS: Grandpa Glade, I'm so thankful for all of my childhood memories with you, singing on the porch, working in your garden and becoming best friends. Grandma Rosemary, I'm so grateful for our friendship. I'm thankful that you care about the happenings in my daily life. I'm grateful for our shopping trips, fashion shows and all the times when I was younger when you'd play along with my silly games. Grandpa Mark, I'm thankful for your example of hard work. I always admired watching you in your office. I'm thankful for all the times you'd take me to the store to buy anything I wanted. Grandma Marilyn, I'm grateful for your example of being a homemaker. I'm grateful you've helped me learn to cook and clean. I'm thankful for all the times you did my hair, taught me to sew and how to be well rounded.

AUNTS & UNCLES: Julie, I'm so thankful for our friendship. I'm thankful for my childhood memories with you, I love thinking back to our fun times. (Where's Dinah?) I'm thankful that you pay attention to my life. Brian, I'm thankful for your fun spirit. I'm thankful for our talks and your curiosity about my life. Meredith, I am so thankful for the friendship we have. I'm thankful for all the times you'd babysit me and always make it fun. I'm thankful for all the laughs, the hand-me-down clothes and Christmas and birthday presents. Dave, I'm so thankful I've got to know you over the last few years. I'm thankful for our talks. I've always admired the fact that you'd sit down with me and my sisters and sincerely ask how we're doing. I'm thankful for your advice and for the example you are to me of being a good parent.

COUSINS: I have amazing cousins, I'm so thankful for their playful spirits, sweet smiles and the fun talks we have with each other. I'm glad that even as i've got older, I've been able to maintain a good relationship with my cousins..even had that relationship grow!

I am thankful for so much, those ^ are only a few. My life is so beautiful and I'm most grateful to Heavenly Father for blessing me with all these reasons to be thankful. He is so good to me and has filled my life with amazing people/things.

I think we should celebrate Thanksgiving more often.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Dear Blogging World,

Oh my goodness gracious, have I missed you!! I've got some mad butterflies dancing around in my tummy right now due to the happiness of posting once again. See, a few weeks ago the Internet in my house left. We don't know why, but we do know it is gone and thus far has not shown any signs of coming back any time soon. (Im doing this on my phone..it's a pain, ps.)

I have a few neat-o mosquito things I really want to post about..going to Disney World, school adventures, holiday happiness..to name a few. I promise they're coming. Really. I'm just currently stuck in the stone age and do not have the luxury of being able to post willy-nilly on my blog whenever I please.

Believe me, it's a struggle.

This is just my post to say I am alive and life is good.

Everyone keep smiling for me.

Love Always,
Miss ChelseaKate