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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Walle..Love it or hate it?!

So I have this issue..
I LOVE Wall e.
I think its adorable.
Yes it is a little long, there aren't many words in the beginning of the film..
But it is SOO good!
How can you not love Walle? He is adorable.

But heres the thing..
I have now watched walle on 4-5 dates
(I don't know why thats always the movie we end up watching but thats beside the point)
Guess what?
All but one of my dates didn't like it.
And maybe the one boy who said he did like it actually didn't & he was just trying to get on my good side?

I am aware that it is a really weird movie
I mean, yeah, there isn't a lot of speaking in the first half
But guys! Its cute!
Its a sweet little love story between two robots..aww. (haha)

Last night my date, Todd, Katie and I watched Walle
When the movie was done I asked Todd how he liked it
He was just the same as the rest of them..
Dang it.

He said he didn't really get it and he had a hard time staying awake
But we also did start the movie at 11:45pm and it didn't end til 1:45ish..
Maybe thats why he didn't fully enjoy it.

Anyway I'd just like to know..
Am I in the majority or minority?

Do you guys like my friend, Walle?

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Yesterday I got the ever so thrilling job of helping Savannah with her spelling homework. There are a whole bunch of activities she can choose to do involving her spelling words for that week and she has had her eye on one in specific for some time.. Writing a story using all of your spelling words. Our mommy is a very smart lady and told Buggie not to do that one because it would be a pain in the butt. To make a long story short..Savannah did not listen and chose to do the story and lucky me I got to help her.

I've got to say..Although it was in fact, a huge pain in the butt and took us probably 2 hours..I'm very proud of our result. We should probably publish it..

So please, enjoy the wonderful story..

Once there was a hawk and it ran into a tower as fast as hawks could fly. Right after it hit the tower it fell on a mans bald head. The man made an unfortunate discovery, the hawk's claw was ripped and broken.
So the bald man took the hawk to his house to see if he could help it, and when the news reporter's came they could not find the hawk and they decided to report on the hawks disappearance instead. When the man went undercover to save the hawk, he wrapped up the hawk to make the people think it was a baby. When he got home he uncovered the hawk and checked on the fawn that he had rescued the week before. He was a loyal owner to his animals that he rescues.
"It would be my fault if one of them die's" he said. "It would haunt me forever."
Then the hawk started to stalk and prowl the deer. There was a scowl on the hawks face, he thought the fawn was a coward.
The man had to pause and think of what he could do to calm the hawk down.
The hawk chased the fawn away, and a minute lator the fawn reappeared.
The man said to the hawk I will treat you like you are royal and I will give you a moist cookie if you stop bugging the fawn. The hawk stopped.
Eventually the animals got better so it was time to relese them. The man hugged the animals a thousand times.
First he set the fawn free and then it did a somersault and the man was afraid that the fawn hurt its joint. But he didnt!
Next was the hawk, he picked up the 160 ounce animal. He let him launch into the sky, at first its flight was a little awkward and the man was afraid that he would fall in the pond and drown.
Then the hawk picked himself up and flew into the sunset.

(in fancy handwriting)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

creativity at its best

You know them? Phineas and Ferb and their platypus, Perry? I know them, I love them. You should, too. (For those of you who sadly don't know them..just know they are the stars of Disney Channel's most amazing show called Phineas & Ferb.)

My little sisters love P&F, too!
(& the mommy & daddy but that isn't part of the story)

My dear Savannah's birthday is TODAY! Happy birthday, buggie!!
She is ELEVEN today. Holy crap. The little lady is just growing and getting old. Wowzers.

So a few days ago, Miss Adi and I were talking about how Savannah-Bugs birthday was fastly approaching and how we needed to get her the coolest present. We thought long & hard about what we could get her. While we were thinking, we were watching P&F. Thats when the idea popped into our heads..

rocks+phineas,ferb&perry=BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT EVER

This is Ferb

This is Phineas

This is Perry

Here is the gang..

We wrapped each rock character in this fancy wrapping paper..

Put them into this fancy bag with a cute little card..

We sat here and anticipated the moment when that beautiful girl would open our gift..

And we got a very happy, very pleased Savannah-bug in the end
(notice her expression saying 'holy moly my sisters are amazing..')

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Today after taking a shower I was just standing in the bathroom, drying my hair when all of the sudden I smelled a really yucky smell. It smelled like burning so I just figured it was the hair dryer because I know they can overheat and what not. So I turned the dryer off to let it cool down I guess, plus my hair was basically dry and I proceeded to put my make up on.

After a few minutes the smell still wasn't gone. But I just ignored it.

After I was finished getting ready I was running my hands through my hair when much to my horror a giant chunk of my hair FELL OUT! I almost cried and that IS NOT a joke. Or maybe I did cry, I don't know. Its all one big terrible blur right now.

I guess I'm somewhat lucky because it all fell out in the under part of my hair. The mommy says its not noticeable. I think it is. Perhaps that is just because its my hair? Idk. But one thing is for sure.. It was terrible. I miss my hair that fell out already and I don't ever want to use hair dryers EVER again. I don't know what happened. I didn't hold the dryer right next to my head so I don't know why else a chunk of my hair would just fry and die. Ugh. Unfortunate event.