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Wednesday, December 28, 2011


A few of you have asked...and instead of answering you all separately, because I am that lazy, I thought I'd just answer you all, together, by doing a little blogging about the subject some of you have questioned me about. 

I've heard these two questions the most, thus, they're the two I will be answering. 1) Do you have a boyfriend? 2) How did you meet him?

So here goes.

The answer is: yes
I have found myself one great boyfriend and his name is Craig. Cute name, cute boy.


So how did we meet, might you ask? Let me tell you.

We met at church. 


Craig and I are in the same singles ward.

Story time. When I first entered singles ward, I remember one of the first weeks, sitting in the chapel and studying the hair of the boy who sat in front of me. It was dark brown and shaggy and had this wave to it that I thought was pretty neat. When Sacrament Meeting was over, I remember seeing this guys face...and it was a cute face. I saw him every week at church and always thought he was cute and seemed really sweet. I was intrigued, definitely, but of course, like most stories like these go, I did absolutely nothing about it.
Once, during the summer there was a big ward Family Home Evening. My best friend Dani and I went to it and spent the whole time sitting at a table, eating and talking to the other people at this table. One of the people sitting at this table was the boy with the cute face and cool hair. His name was Craig, I learned. Again, I thought he was cute but took no action.
Eventually, after time passed, Craig and I began saying 'hi,' and 'how are you?' to each other at church. We even became Facebook friends. A while later, Craig's brother got married and I went to that pretty wedding reception with my mommy-dearest. I saw Craig there and told myself I would talk to him. Guess what? I did. It wasn't much and it wasn't long, but I did it. Go, me.
And I'd say it started something good.
Long story short, we started talking more often and then one pretty day...Craig asked me on a DATE! I felt pretty lucky that the boy I'd picked out months ago as the cute boy from the ward was asking ME to go on a date with HIM! Butterflies.
I'd say the first date went pretty great because we went on our second a few days later and look where we're at, now! :)

Pretty cool how things work out, sometimes and how lucky one little girl can get!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Saturday, December 24, 2011


When the Christmas season is here, its also birthday season in the Walker household. Little Miss Adi and I celebrated our birthdays, this week. On the twentieth, Adi turned ten and on the twenty-first, I turned twenty-one. (i'm old, now) I'd say we both had a pretty good day in celebrating the anniversaries of our birth. 

Cute Adi (for the second year in a row) had her dance recital on her birthday, so on my birthday we combined our birthday celebration. Our family and Craig, went to PF Changs then went back home to relax, have fun and eat pie. It was a very, very good day!

(i have a cute boyfriend) 

(you're right. this is a boring post but i'm laying here on the couch with my laptop on christmas eve watching the santa clause and had nothing else to do and when i started typing, i discovered i wasn't in a creative-writey mood...but i still wanted to post the pictures and such)

And while I'm here, I hope you all have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! 

Monday, December 19, 2011

just because..

photo credit: kolob ysa ward

Monday, December 12, 2011


photo credit: craig

December 10th, 2011. It started off like any other day. I woke up, I was tired, blah, blah, blah... I dinked around for a few hours, keeping in mind I had tithing settlement at 2:30 but should get there around 1:50 because Dani {my best friend} had her appointment then and it never hurts to be with her more...

So I got in my car and I started driving to my church in Provo. I was feeling fine and was excited to see Dani, Craig and our two other friends, Eric and Ryan.

Then it happened.

I was probably two minutes {or so} away from the church when all the sudden the WORST pain I've ever felt pretty much attacked my lower abdomen. I don't know how to explain it, really. Cramps x1,000,000,000... something like that except it was more on the side of my body than the middle.. Annnnnyway..

I've had weird pains shoot through my body before so I just convinced myself it was nothing to worry about and I'd be fine in a few minutes. When I had parked my car and started walking towards the church, I sort of started to figure out this wasn't a normal pain I'd had before and 'a few minutes' wasn't going to heal me. I couldn't stand up straight for the life of me, the pain was constant - it never let up, and I couldn't think clearly. In short, I was in a whole lotta pain.

I let Dani know that I was hurting but wasn't trying to make a huge deal out of it. Wellp, I guess I don't have a good poker face because next thing I know, everyone was asking me what was wrong. I explained my symptoms and my friends were worried, telling me I should go to a doctor. Dani and I went into the bathroom to check it out, you know, see if there was any visible problem. I was kind of bruised but nothing too serious.

I had my interview with my awesome Bishop, then went back into the hall where Craig, Dani, Ryan and Eric were, also. I sat on the floor, trying to roll into a ball without drawing too much attention to myself and staying modest..

Sooo...You know you have a good best friend when she starts reading your mind and is saying the things you are too prideful to say. Dani told the boys I wasn't doing too well and thats when they started really pressuring me to go to the hospital. At first I was fighting it, telling them I'd be fine, but then I caved to the pressure. I was hurting and I wanted to be better...so the hospital seemed like the right place to go. After I received a blessing and some well-wishes, Craig and I were off.

Now I could sit here and bore you with details about my looong visit to the ER with my super sweet boyfriend, but boring blogs aren't fun to read, so I'll try to just gloss over what went down.

I got there and the funny little moments began. Lets just say, Craig now knows allllll about me and my body. They ask a lot of questions there. When was your last period? Was it normal? How much do you weigh? How tall are you? When is your birthday? Are you sexually active? Any chance you're pregnant? Have you had any pain going to the bathroom? Have you noticed blood in your urine, etc, etc. Ah yeah, that was fun... Oh, and I'm pretty sure they asked those same questions like, ten thousand times.

photo credit: craig

I had to give a urine sample, I was hooked up to an IV (scary) and had some blood taken, I had a cat scan, I was given some weird thing through my IV that made me warm and feel weird and made my fingers and toes hurt and gave me this funky metal taste in my mouth, I was poked and pressed, I was given some morphine...which is an excellent drug. I now see why people become addicted to things. I felt great! No pain after that pumped through my veins.

At first, the doctors/nurses had their suspicions that I could have something wrong with my appendix but it was more likely that it was kidney stones. But of course, it would take a while before we'd really be able to know anything.

photo credit: craig

Craig and I did a lot of sitting around and waiting. Like, a lot. Poor Craig. I'm sure this isn't how he wanted to spend his saturday. However, like I've said before, he's the biggest sweetheart ever! He never complained and he was a great distraction from the pain, sitting there next to me, smiling and ready to talk, always asking how he could make me more comfortable, laughing with me when the drugs took over and I became loopy and twitchy, trying to get me to fall asleep, listening to the doctors and nurses because I was too drugged to really pay attention and the list goes on and on. I'm really not sure how in the world I got so lucky to be with this great guy :) Yay.

A few hours later they finally had a diagnosis for me.. "The bad news,"the doctor said, was that I still would hurt. "The good news?" Its nothing serious. Just some ruptured ovarian cysts which are apparently ranked in the top 10 as far as pain goes. (i agree.) He informed me after a few days I should be as good as new and feel great. Whew. Dodged a bullet there, right?

Oh, and just in case I didn't tell everyone there enough times that there was no chance I was pregnant and that I'm not sexually active, they went ahead and took a pregnancy test anyway. It came back negative. Told ya.

craig's doggie and me, nappin' on the couch
photo credit: craig

After our fun little adventure at the ER Craig took me back to his house where I crashed on his couch for hours! I took a few naps, we watched movies, I ate toast, it was good. Craig and his great family took good, good care of me. Like I've said before, I'm one lucky gal. Very, very.

A few hours later, my cute Craig took me home and I slept pretty decently that night... Now here we are two days later and just like my doc said, every day I'm feeling a little better! The Lortab sure helps me feel better, too :) 

Sunday, December 11, 2011


Christmas is just around the corner, folks. I'll be more specific, it is in fourteen days. Two weeks away. 


Anyway, Christmas isn't Christmas without a few traditions, right? Thats actually a funny introductory sentence to this paragraph because the subject of this blog post isn't at all a Walker-family-tradition... But maybe this is the beginning of a new one. Alright, enough small talk. 

We made gingerbread houses two days ago.

Savannah. Adi. Craig {thats my new, cutie-boy}, and myself. It was so, super much fun! And I've got to say, we finished with four real good lookin' houses any gingerbread man would fight to live in. 

But don't take my word for it, see for yourself: 
building a gingerbread house wasn't a one-person job for us girlies

hard at work

yes, craig put frosting on my face

little miss bizbannah showing off (yet again) that she's the artsy one in the family





Tuesday, December 6, 2011

quicky late-night update

The end of the semester is nearing. In fact, its really near...and you know what that means. 


Ugh. Studying is not one of my greater talents. I don't have a good enough attention span to do anything that feels like worth-while, productive studying and I'm so sick of writing paper after paper. I need to work on developing a better attitude towards school, eh? {especially finals/tests}

view from my studying spot at the uvu library

This definitely won't be a semester I'll miss. I try to have a positive attitude towards all aspects of my life, but I'll just cut to the chase, I very strongly disliked this semester. I won't miss it, not even the smallest bit. Hopefully next semester is better, but I'm not sure if it will be, its a jam-packed semester full of classes that sound pretty difficult and are most likely full of homework... 

What a shame. 

Especially since my social life has been quite fantastic, lately! No like, really. Guess what? I've been dating a super sweet, cutie-boy who makes me wonder what I saw in the past guys I've dated. Yep, he's that good.

Other than school and that handsome guy ^^ there isn't much else to say except that life is good! Remember a while ago when I was always bummy and no fun and I always talked about that light at the end of the tunnel I was working towards?


I've reached the light finally :) Everything is good, again. I'm a super blessed, lucky little lady. I always have been, actually, I'm just finally starting to see it, again.

And there you have it. The last few weeks of worth-while stuff in my life in a little blog nutshell.