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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

just a funny photo...

The girls in the Walker fam recently took a trip down to beautiful St. George (fabulous trip, if you were wondering...)

Here is proof that mom and I really know how to make the most of our time while on vacation!
(yup, both on our phones, lounging in bed)
photo credit: savannah klaire

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

my bff's

I, Chelsea Kate Walker, am the luckiest girl on planet earth. 

Allow me to explain:

This morning I was alone for several hours. With all of my uninterrupted time, I decided to curl my hair, take some extra time on my make up, choose the perfect outfit and all of that good stuff that I always wish I had time to do. While I was listening to Glee and curling my hair, a song came on that made me think of my two best friends in the entire world, Savannah Klaire and Adeline Kayde. As I thought of their sweet little smiles and addicting personalities, I could NOT help but grin like a little kid who just got their first puppy. I laughed out loud at myself because I felt silly being so smiley and giddy all by myself (it didn't help that i was watching myself in the mirror) but then I thought about it...

My sisters are freakin' amazing! If you know them, there is no way that you couldn't agree. Savannah and Adi are the two most amazing souls that have walked this world. Why I was so incredibly blessed to have them both as my own little sisters, I will never, ever know, but I will forever and ever be very, very grateful for that lovely fact.

Savannah: aka Lil' Bizzie, Biz, Bann, Nan, Nanny, Banny, Banjo, Bug, etc, etc is my hero. This girl is only twelve and already she amazes me in so many ways. She is tough, strong, loyal and as close to perfect as they come. She is beautiful, so talented, incredibly easy to get along with, humble and all-in-all, she's an angel. She is the person who never ceases to impress me. 

Adeline: aka Lulu, Tiny, Adi-Kayde, Lu, Princess, Crazy, etc... is an incredible example to me. This young nine-year old gal is the sweetest soul you'll meet. I've never met anyone more selfless and thoughtful than her. In all honesty, I want to grow up and be just like her. Adi is small but she has a huge, beautiful personality. She's gorgeous and perfect and she is full of talents. She's amazing.

I feel so fortunate to have these two little munchkins as my sissy's. I see it so often, siblings who just don't get along. Savannah, Adi and I are not fighters, not at all. The three of us get along so well, its a blessing. Of course, we have our disagreements from time to time, but we've never been the kind to hold grudges against each other, it seems like as quickly as the fight took place, the apology comes just as fast and just like that we're best friends, again! We're a lucky, few...

In case you haven't noticed, there is a large gap in between me and the girls. I'm 8 years older than Savannah and 11 years older than Adi-lu. 
When I was younger, and an only child, I always wished I had older siblings or a few younger siblings, close to my age. However, now that life has played out and I have these two beauties, several years younger than me, I am SO glad I didn't get my way. I always tell my mom that I think if I had any brothers or sisters any closer to my age, I don't think I'd get along with them. I don't know why, I've just always thought that.. I think Heavenly Father knew that I'd be most happy if I had to wait a while to get the siblings I've always hoped and prayed for. Mm, I love how things work out! 

I love that they can look up to me and I love that they try so hard to be like me, it is the most flattering thing in the world to know these two perfect girls want nothing more than to be like me (for the most part.) Because of them, I am always trying that much harder to be a better person. They push me to be the best I can be without realizing it.

Adi & Savannah are everything to me. They've taught me the most important lessons, shown me real happiness, they're love is a lasting love that will never leave me, they are my partners in crime and the reason I am who I am. 

So, again, I say it:

I, Chelsea Kate Walker, am the luckiest girl on planet earth.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Which Seat Can I Take?!

I don't like making fun...

Its mean...

But then I saw this and I just couldn't help it.

What in the WORLD is this? Its "talent" like this that makes me really wonder why I'm not famous. I'm pretty dang sure I could do a heck of a lot better than this.

Ah, this poor little girl. I hope her next song (if there will be one) is a lot better.

Enjoy this, and good luck choosing which seat you should take...on Friday.

Sunday, March 20, 2011


I've been a teenage girl before, so I've had my share of hardships, struggles, stress, etc. It's just something that comes with the package of being human, right? But never have I been so completely torn, overwhelmed, confused, and challenged as I have been, recently. It seems that I have two paths in front of me and for the past few months I've been sitting in front of them, just staring. At times, I'll tip-toe over to one path and look down it, then I change my mind because of fear and walk over to the other path but it scares me, too. So I always find myself back in front of the two paths just sitting there as if I'm waiting for a higher power to reveal to me which path to take.

Path One is full of comfort, familiarity, and all-in-all something I've had before and loved so much. Its a path that, when I'm standing on it, feels peaceful, just like coming home, as cheesy as that sounds. When I had it (what is on that path) I was sure I was meant to have it for eternity. Things happened and I lost it and it caused me to second guess everything I believed in. Now this path is scary to me. I'm afraid of putting my heart on my sleeve like I've never done before and taking major chances and leaps of faith with my heart. This path seems to be the hard path to take because I know if I take it, I have to fight for it, I have to work so hard for it. It would be challenging, but in the end, completely worth it.

Path Two is completely new to me. Honestly, it seems the easiest path because it would be like starting over with a clean slate. But a lot of times, the easy things aren't the best things, most times it seems like its the hard things (path one) that are the good things. This path, however, would be nice, I'm sure. This path is full of chance and uncertainty and experiences that would surely terrify me and take me out of my comfort zone I've carefully crafted. But all your life you're told to leave your comfort zone. I know I'd learn so much.

With these two paths constantly in the front of my mind, I've found myself on my knees a lot. It's the strangest thing, some days I feel one hundred percent confident in which path I should take, other days, your guess would be as good as mine. The only conclusion I can come to is that the Lord doesn't want me to know which path to take, yet. I'm not prepared enough, yet. I think I'm supposed to keep pondering each path. Or, maybe I'm supposed to try my luck in each path. Ah, see, I don't know. 

With all my heart, I want Path One to be the path I'm meant to take. But from experience, I've learned that the Lord's way will always happen, and in the end, it will always leave you feeling happier and more peaceful. I've been doing my best to submit to the Lord's will, but its hard to do when you aren't exactly sure what His will is! I know without a shadow of a doubt, one day, something will happen and I'll know what I should do. Heavenly Father isn't ever going to leave me comfortless and without an answer, I know this. I'm learning, though, I'm bad at being patient. This time in my life is clearly a time for me to learn a lot of things. Patience is definitely one of those things. Love is, too. Along with strength, faith, trust, focus and countless other things.

I have decided that rather than sit and stare at the paths just waiting for them to do something, I need to be productive and start really pondering the options of each path. I'm not gong to sit anymore, I'm standing now. I'm done procrastinating and waiting for the answers to be handed to me. I know its not gong to happen. I need to work for the answers and that is exactly what I'm going to do, now.

I was on my way home from beautiful St. George today and while we were driving through countless miles of bushes and tumble weeds, I was able to do a lot of thinking. I remember once in a Young Women's lesson, a leader said a good way to have prayers answered is to make a decision that you think will be best and live as though the thing you've decided on will come true. As you're living this decision, council with the Lord, often, and ask Him if you're doing the right thing, He'll let you know. Always.

After thinking that through, I've decided that I'm going to start making my way down Path One. Its always been the one that I've leaned towards and its always felt right to me. I am preparing myself to fight for this path and to have faith that what I want can happen to me, if its the Lord's will, of course. If there is the chance that this is not the path I'm meant to travel down, then I know that Heavenly Father will be my saving grace and help me make the decision to get off the path and take the one I'm really meant to be on. I just pray I will be able to hear His voice as He directs me where to go.

These last few months have been the hardest months of my life. I am a miserable wreck half the time and the other half, I'm more confident than I've ever been, before. Although this has been so hard and something I'll never want to relive again, I know once I'm on the other side of this, I'll look back at this and be SO grateful to my dear Father in heaven for putting me through this. Its amazing to me, already, to look back to January and see how far I've come and its only March!

Life is scary, complicated, confusing and terrifying but it is without a doubt so beautiful. I am so thankful to my fabulous family and best friends who have helped me walk through the trials I've gone through and truthfully, I'm thankful for the trial I'm in. I can't wait to see how much stronger and how much more faithful and strong I'll be when its over with.

Monday, March 14, 2011

memory lane

High School and I were never best friends. We didn't have a good relationship and neither of us ever really tried to make it better. There are no hard feelings, thats just how it was. I do sort of regret not pushing myself academically, too much, but I'm making up for that in college, so no worries, okay?!

I figure I graduated with a pretty good GPA, I made amazing friends, I made lots of memories and most importantly, I went to dances. So those three years of my life were successful, in my opinion.

Lately, I've been taking numerous walks down memory lane. I always go back to my high school days. My favorite hs days were the dances. You know what? I miss dances. A lot. I miss the stress of wondering if you're going to get asked, I miss the stress of wondering what boy to ask...and of course I miss that added stress of trying to come up with a clever and original way to ask/answer your date... Ah, love it.

So, just because I want to, I am going to post my dance pictures.

::note:: My biggest high school regret is not taking pictures at every dance. For whatever reason, I thought it wouldn't be a big deal. Well, I was stupid. It is a big deal. Pictures are better than the dances most the time. So, yes, its true, I don't have pictures of every dance that I went to :(

Kids, learn from my mistakes. ALWAYS take the pictures even if the line is long...you'll thank me later.

& since I was in high school whilst attending these dances, how about with each picture I add one thing I learned. Just for kicks and giggles.

preference with phe
learned: my friend rachelle has a pretty fireplace background for pictures.
last chance with phe
learned: i can't pull off the hat look.
homecoming with stuart
learned: i don't like wearing heels to dances.
sadies with bryant
learned: when you're riding piggy-back on a real tall guy...you are very high up.
morp with colton
leaned: its fun to ask people you don't know to dances.
sweethearts with colton
learned: my right side is NOT my good side.
preference with colton
learned: this is my favorite dance picture.
prom with colton
learned: this dress was a doozy to walk in.
sadies with james
learned: piggy-backs must be the pose you do for sadies.
christmas dance with jake
learned: fake eyelashes are ugly.
morp with jake
learned: that bird behind jake likes his bum.
senior ball with all my friends (not pictured, obviously)
learned: sarah has amazing dresses to borrow.
sweethearts with dave
learned: sometimes my hair decides to really curl and look inches shorter. and also, apparently sometimes i can look slightly chinese. 
preference with tyler
learned: i do NOT like four-fingered hands in the backgrounds of my pictures.
prom with jesse
learned: sometimes people you originally have a bad attitude about can be amazing people.
last chance with brady (last hs dance)
learned: that car is sexier than i pretended to be.

Now how about some group pictures?!

last chance
learned: this group is waaaay to big.
learned: i should have laid my toes down.
learned: this pose was cuter in our heads.
learned: i should have been more observant. i'm the only doofas wearing shoes.
learned: our whole group matched so nicely.
fun fact: on this date, at dinner, an anonymous person paid our entire dinner bill because they admired our modesty and good behavior. (we were there with some other...not-so-good groups...)
learned: colton & i needed to be more creative in this one.
learned: our photographer didn't care that we're so off-centered. & apparently i'm a giant.
learned: boys are heavy.
christmas dance
learned: you look like a dork when you stand closer to someone else's date rather than your own.
learned: homemade pictures are cute, too.
learned: that dress and that pose do not flatter my figure.
learned: my dates hand is in a funny place & we should have listened to the memo that we weren't smiling.
last chance
learned: the couple with the pink headbands look a lot cooler than the rest of us.
So there you have it. I hope you enjoyed it. If not, I apologize.

Keep smiling!

And remember kids! TAKE DANCE PICTURES, ALWAYS! 

Friday, March 11, 2011

a happy day in march

Today was a beautiful day. I have this fabulous friend, Taylor. Today she married her sweetheart, Lance, in the Salt Lake Temple.

Lance & Taylor had their reception at the Springville Art Museum and it was the most beautiful reception I've ever been to! Everything seemed to be absolutely perfect.

Then there was the bride, herself. She looked flawless. Stunning! The new bride and groom were glowing, it was such a sweet thing to see. They're so in love. 

It really made Whitney and I want to get married, STAT!


At the reception, there was a photo booth. Thats cute...but even cuter when you know the story...

Lance proposed to Taylor in a photo booth, so they have these incredibly darling pictures of the proposal happening. Too cute.

They had the awesome idea to have the people at their reception take pictures in the photo booth then stick their photo strip in a scrap book and write a little message to them. (Also, you got to keep a copy of your strip, too.)

I went with my best, gorgeous friend, Whit.

Maybe our faces aren't that original...and yeah, we're not looking at the camera...
But its cute and I wanted to share :)

sorry, it didn't scan very well... it says,
"...and they lived happily ever after.
Lance and Taylor
March 11, 2011


Thursday, March 10, 2011

i don't love you but i always will

This is my all time new favorite song...and possibly new favorite band.

song: Poison & Wine
artist: The Civil Wars

Seriously, so good. You should definitely listen to it. (Yes, you'll have to mute my music down at the bottom of this page.)

Blah, I'm in love with it. I wish I could write/sing music like this. My life would be complete, then.

They are fabulous. Listen to them and love them, k?

I'm done gushing, now.

Listen, listen!


Love it, love it, love it!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Tonight I was fortunate enough to go on a date with two of my best friends, Whitney and Sarah to the Real Salt Lake game. Nothing could be better, if you ask me.

Before the game Whit and I had the marvelous idea to buy pounds and pounds of candy that we could eat at the game. When we picked up Sarah, she informed us that they don't allow candy in. So rather than playing by the rules, we snuck it in. Turns out the human body and the clothes on it has many, many hiding spots, right girls!? BA-HA!

The game was a good one. Real won. The three of us laughed a ton. We ate so stinkin' much candy. We had the nasty odor of beer constantly floating around us...and that one time there was a smell MUCH worse than beer. We cheered. Danced. You know, everything good.

After the game we wanted to eat normal food because we were hungry and to counteract all the sugar running through our bodies. Finding a place to eat was an adventure. We probably covered every square inch of Murry (sp?) and Sandy. Eventually we found Del Taco and got good and full there.

It was a fabulous night. I love my friends. Thanks girlies for all the laughs.
Love you two.


just in case you were wondering...the times and date on those pictures are all wrong... savannah, you need to reset them, buggie!