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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Also, I'm hungry.


I don't know what I'm going to post about, tonight. All I know is I want to blog. Yes, these are the posts that tend to sound like a mediocre journal entry, but tonight I kind of don't care.

Craig left with a bunch of the guys in his family today on another hiking trip. You guys, its so cute to see how excited he gets for hiking trips. There is just a different look in his eyes and you can tell he is anxious to get out there. Its sweet. But boy do I miss him while he's gone! Even though he's never gone too long, I still get a little "homesick" being away from him. (i'm sappy, i know).

Tonight I hung out with several members of the lovely Lifferth family. We went swimming at a Country Club and then back to the Lifferth's to...hot tub. It would seem that we couldn't get enough of chlorinated water, today. As usual, I enjoyed myself. ...but can I tell you what I don't like? Bees that are obsessed with trying their very best to eat your dinner..right, Katie? Geez Louise.

Now switching gears..
Today I think it really, like really hit me that I am technically a grown up. I'm still definitely in awe that I am actually 21-years old and have all this independence, responsibility and freedom. Sometimes I swear I'm still in middle school.. But, no. I'm old.

Finally, I'll end this scattered, boring post with these two pieces of information. I have a Twitter and Instagram account. Here is my brilliant idea. If you have either of those..you should follow me?! :)

Twitter: misscheka
Instagram: chekawa 

And that, my dears, is all. Bedtime for Chelsea.
Love you.
Goodnight & sweet dreams.

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