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Friday, August 3, 2012

Running/Walking for a Cause

I realize this is a little short notice, but if you're not doing anything tomorrow morning, I have an idea for you.
You could come walk or run a 1k to support Bigfoot awareness!
(come on, you know you want to - its not like you get to do this kind of thing every day!)

Craig is one of the founders of this run and I know he, along with the other founders, would be happy to see you there. The more the merrier, you know? Plus, they've put a lot of work into this.
And guys, its a 1k. Easy-peasy!
I am serious, though.
Here are some additional details I stole from the Bigfoot Awareness Facebook page..

The day of the race is almost upon us! We are so appreciative to you for your support throughout this race so far. We thank you for your patience and are excited to see you on Saturday August 4th!

Here are the details:

About 1K up Provo Canyon, there is a park called Mt. Timpanogos Park on the northwest side of the canyon, (left side of the road as you are going up the canyon).

This will be t
he start of the race. There is a parking lot there where you can park, or you can choose to park at the parking lot at the mouth of Provo Canyon, also on the northwest side, where the finish line will be.

We will begin registration at 8:30 AM and the race will begin at 10:00 AM.

Registration is $5 for runners and $10 if you would like to register and get a shirt. Please bring the money to the registration table.

If you ordered a shirt on or before July 25th, we will have it ready for you. If your order came in after the 25th, or you haven't given us your size, we will be doing a second printing of the shirts and will make sure you get one. You can pay $5 at the race (for registration), and then an additional $5 when the shirts are delivered.

We are very excited to have you come support us in helping to raise awareness of Bigfoot. Please feel free to invite your friends and get ready for a great time for a great cause!


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