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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Because Bigfoot Exists

This morning I, along with my family and quite a few other people, ran in the first ever Bigfoot Awareness 1k Run. I felt obligated to since Craig is a founder, plus I was just excited to run a 1k - since that is not something many other people can claim they have participated in, before. Anyway, I'd call it a huge success. More people showed up than they'd planned, everyone was happy and the race went very well. As far as I know, everyone finished it and there were zero injuries. Good stuff. Oh, also..look at the cute shirts we got!! Always a plus.

**Fun Fact: You know my daddy? He finished 11th, overall! He's awesome like that.

My family at the finish line of the big race!

 My love and I just enjoying the pretty summer morning, supporting a good cause.

After the morning festivities, my sisters and I accompanied many of the Lifferth's to 7 Peaks water park where we spent several very fun hours going down slides, swimming, enjoying each others company and all that jazz. It was such a good day, guys.

Yep. Such a good day.

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