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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Coming to an End.

Our last full day was saturday spent at Punta Sur, which is a beach and then some. There was snorkeling, hammocks, a boat ride, crocodiles, a look-out, light house, ruins, etc. This was a great place to end the vacation. It was a fun day with a lot to see and do.
It was kind of a bittersweet day as well. I was sad knowing our trip was almost over, but excited to go home and see my family, again.

hammock heaven:)

You can see a crocodile down there in the water

on top of the lookout 

we got a kick out of the 10 person limit on top of this lookout. its survived hurricanes but apparently cannot hold more than 10 people.

the little boat ride. 

jen and i on top of the light house

the beautiful view

from the top of the light house we spotted three dolphins! this was a goal of mine - to see a dolphin while in mexico and my goal was finally achieved the last day of the trip!

descending down the many stairs of the cute light house
To make our last day even sweeter and more amazing, we were able to witness the turtles coming out of their nests and going to the ocean a second time!! It was just as sweet and wonderful as the first time. Gah. Love it.

And with that, our vacation was over. Sunday morning we woke up, packed and hung around the condo until noon then Ryan drove us to the airport. The flights were good (i learned i prefer flying during the day rather than at night) and we were excited to get back to Utah's mountains and our own beds.

I am so happy that I was fortunate enough to go on this adventure with Craig and some of his family members. I truly enjoyed all of it, even the days I didn't feel well were amazing days. I'm so grateful for my loving, handsome boyfriend and his tremendous family and their kindness and friendship. I couldn't have asked for a better way to spend nine days!

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