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Monday, July 2, 2012

Sunday Love Birds {warning: sappy}

Are you guys sick of my I-Love-Craig posts, yet?
Well, too bad, heres another. {& kind of a I-Love-Lifferth's post..}

Every day with my Love Bird is a good one, but there is something about sundays with Craig that make me exceptionally happy. It has probably got to be due the fact that I get to spend the whole day with my handsome boyfriend, since we go to the same church then always spend the rest of the day together. Also, I love sundays because we spend a lot of time with not only my family, but also the wonderful Lifferth family who I absolutely love and adore. I'm one heck of a lucky little lady, I tell you.

Today (sunday) was great for so many reasons. Obviously, the largest was because I was with Craig. But there were other reasons, too..

  • I got to have a real good conversation with Craig's two sisters-in-law, Karalee and Katie.
  • We were able to Skype with Craig's lovely mother, brother, sister, nieces and nephew who are currently living the life in Mexico all summer (sooo can't wait to join them in a few weeks!)
  • I went on a motorcycle ride with my love
  • I got to learn some new things about Mexico and things I will be able to do while vacationing there, soon
  • The Lifferth family and I had a yummy Mexican style dinner -- yum
(okay i'm now realizing my list of why my sunday was awesome could go on for ages, so i'll stop there so you're not bored of me, already)

Really, though.. The Lifferth family is a phenomenal bunch of people who I am so thankful for and grateful to be close to. Each member of their family is someone I consider to be a good friend - how lucky can a girl get?

Now, back to Craig.
{cheesy, sappy time}

Girls, you know when you're younger and you find yourself picturing your future man? In my case, I always pictured a tall, dark and handsome man who was respectful and made me laugh. I probably wouldn't have believed it then, (because in my mind, nobody could beat that dream man of mine) but I found someone even better than the guy I used to fantasize about. 

Craig has met the criteria I held for my Prince Charming when I was younger, i.e. he is tall, dark (he tans quite nicely) and SUPER handsome. He is the most respectful man I've ever met (his parents raised him right), and he makes me laugh harder than anyone else ever could. I really know I hit the jackpot with Craig, though, because he does more for me than just treat me right, look amazing 24/7 and make me laugh. 

Craig helps me see and value the worth of my life - he is always, somehow, reminding me how important and worth it I am. 

Craig gets me out of my comfort zone - I've tried more new things in the past 8 months with Craig in my life than I have in my past 21 years of living.

Craig is good with kids - This is ultra important to me and Craig is incredible at it. Craig has several nieces and nephews and I've really enjoyed watching him interact with them in all their different ages and with all their different interests. I can tell he really loves them and loves being with them and being someone they can look up to. He takes care of them, protects them and has a love, care and real interest in them. Because I've seen this, I know Craig is going to be a terrific daddy, someday.

Craig listens to me - I'll be honest, I'm sure half of the stuff I say is probably boring and pointless, but Craig has always taken the time to listen to me, regardless. This is one of my favorite things about my Love Bird.

Craig is happy - I love that Craig is a genuinely happy, optimistic person. He has a way of finding the bright side to things and helping me see it, too. When we make eye contact, he always has a sweet smile for me. When I am sad, disappointed or stressed out about something, Craig can always rub his happiness off on me and cheer me up. I adore being around such a happy, fun guy.

Craig is affectionate - Craig is always there to give me a hug, tickle me, kiss me, hold my hand and cuddle or hold me while I fall asleep. He isn't afraid to do any of this, either, which means a lot to me. Honestly, I crave these moments with him. They give me goosebumps and a big ol' grin on my face. Mmm :)

Craig is selfless - One of the first things I really noticed about Craig is that he would do anything for someone he is close to before he'd do something for himself. I remember one of the first times I ate dinner at his house, his mom began to do the dishes and he ran over to her and did them for her so she didn't have to, then, later in the evening, she was vacuuming and he did that for her, too. He is always putting others happiness and peace of mind before his own. He is such a good example to me, in this.

Craig values my opinion - He has asked me many times for my vote or thoughts on certain things and I love knowing that he actually takes what I say into account and doesn't overlook it.

Craig is hilarious - I can't think of a day thats gone by that I haven't laughed with Craig. His sense of humor is to die for and I love when he is in this certain, incredibly funny, mood that always leaves me with a sore tummy because I've been laughing so hard.

Craig is helpful - Craig is always there to lend a helping hand and do what he can to make something easier or a burden lighter. If there is any kind of mess, Craig will clean it up. If there is any kind of problem, Craig will fix it. If there is any sort of issue, Craig will work through it until its resolved. 

Craig makes me happy in a way no one else can - I like to think I have always been a happy camper, but I also like to think my happiness levels have shot up, tremendously, since the night of November 4th when I went on my first date with Craigy. Sure, there have been bad days in these 8 months, but I can honestly say, I have been HAPPY every single day that he has been a part of my life! I can't think of anything better.

So, again, here I go with these lists that could end up boring you if I make them too long, so I'll go ahead and stop there. But I think you all got the gist that I LOVE CRAIG LIFFERTH with all my heart and am surely the most blessed, luckiest girl in the world because I'm fortunate enough to be his girlfriend, and sometimes sundays are the days that I feel that luck the most as I spend the whole, lovely day in his presence.

I love you, Love Bird!! xoxoxo

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