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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

More Mexican Photographs and Stories

I'll be honest. Looking back on my Mexican getaway, I realize I didn't keep track of my days there very well. What I mean is, I can't remember what happened what day, really.. So you'll find my next couple Mexico blog posts will be scattered..and probably very out of order. Actually, the majority of my readers weren't there..so I guess you wouldn't have known if I didn't mention it. But I did. Oh well.. Lets get started, now.


I believe we left off after only covering three days, friday through sunday. So lets start at Monday, shall we?

Monday, we went to another beach. (shocker, eh?) It was called, Mr. Sahnchos I'm pretty sure. Or as Craig liked to call it, Dirty Sanchos - I don't know why. It was very fun and provided some more exciting snorkeling opportunities. 

In the car, headed to the beach.

We all had a great time here, playing in the water and the sand and laying out under the sun - Mexico's sun is hotter than Utah's. One thing I started to learn about beaches was that the employees there like to try their best to get all the money they can from you! At this particular beach, they took all of our food we'd brought, of course so we could BUY their food and we had to pay for shade. At other beaches on other days, they'd try to charge us for sitting at a certain table.. 

Two of the cute nieces and me

I don't yet have all of our Mexico pictures, so on this particular day, I don't have many.. 
On tuesday we went to the other side of the beach. This was my favorite day in Cozumel. I'll tell you why in a minute, just keep reading.

Driving to the other side. We always drove with our windows down and as you can see, it gave me silly hair.
On this beach, there was no snorkeling, I'm guessing because there were so many waves. So instead, we boogie boarded and played in the water. Two of Craig's nieces and I spent hours laughing our heads off trying to stay upright as the waves crashed into us. Usually the powerful water would knock us over leaving us covered in sand.

At our spot on the beach..

Okay. THIS is why this day was my favorite. We were invited to participate in the most amazing, beautiful and sweet experience. Yes, we got to watch little baby sea turtles crawl our of their nests in the sand and make their way to the ocean. Oh. My. Gosh. There aren't words to describe how adorable this was! They were so dang cute booking it, moving their little fins as fast as they could, for all they were worth to get to their destination. I loved watching this. A volunteer group helps these turtles, daily and make sure that every last turtle makes it to the ocean. We learned that normally, one in one thousand turtles will survive, but with the help of these volunteers, one in one hundred survive! Although, I like to believe that they all survive. Thats happier.

Their tracks were so cute!

Look at him!! They were absolutely adorable!!

Seriously, though. Neatest experience, ever. ::sigh::

I don't have many pictures for Wednesday, either. But I do have a story or two!

But first..Look what we saw! One of Disney's cruise ships, The Fantasy! Very neat. And exciting. Probably more for me than anyone else:) Gosh, I love Disney.

My little girlfriends and I in the car..
Funny story time. On tuesday, Craig and I had spent so much time in the water in the hot, hot sun that we apparently forgot to drink much water. That night/wednesday morning, we were not feeling well. We both had headaches, felt dizzy or lightheaded and our stomachs hurt. Although this was awful, we weren't going to let it hold us back from having fun so we put on our tough faces and went to the beach. Of course, we decided to snorkel and this is where the story gets good.
As we were out in the water searching for fish (this day in particular, we weren't really seeing any), poor Craig inhaled some water and instantly felt like he was going to throw up. So he decided to go for it. Guess who was right next to him and therefore had the pleasure of snorkeling through his throw up? Me. To make it even better, Craig and I made eye contact while this was all happening.. It. Was. Disgusting. (i threw up later that day..but in the toilet) I can't swim very well, so in my haste of trying to control my body and get the heck out of my boyfriends little present, I kicked one of my flippers off and it started to sink down. I told Jen, Craig's sister and as she dove down to get it, our once boring, no-fish snorkeling trip because a lot more exciting when tons of fish came to dine on the snack Craig had provided:) Then, as Jen came up from grabbing my flipper, she saw a sea turtle behind me! We spent the next several minutes swimming after it, taking pictures, filming it and ooing and awing at its beauty.

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