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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

bruises and bunnies

I have two stories and two pictures for you from this past week.

Story One: I was drying my hair, listening to music through headphones like I do every time I dry and do my hair and make up. You know how when you dry your hair you kind of shake the hairdryer? Well, that is what I was doing when I turned my head and smacked myself in the eye with the front of the dryer. Almost as quickly as I hit myself, it turned into a sexy little black eye. Its a week later now, and its just slightly yellow, thank goodness bruises heal because I was tiring of looking like I didn't know how to do my make up. The picture does't entirely do it justice, but you get it, basically. Right? 

Story Two: Angus, or as I like to call him, Bunny, is the funniest, cutest, most psycho puppy. I love him. The other day I took Walter and Bunny outside in the back yard to lay on a blanket and read. Bunny Puppy hadn't been feeling very well, and I think he's afraid of wide open spaces (aka, the backyard--he will typically just stick close to the house, on the porch when he goes outside without a human escort) so he stuck close by me while I laid on my belly and read Hunger Games. (i'm trying to finish it before the movie i am seeing thursday..thats right, a day early) As I was sitting there reading, I noticed Bunny was sitting right next to my shoulder just staring at me. I looked at him and probably asked him what he was doing. He scooted closer. I thought to myself, "Self? This is a kodak moment." So I grabbed my phone and stuck it out in front of Bunny and me. Then what did he do? The little cutie-head leaned closer towards me and looked right at the camera! Made for one darling picture, if I do say so myself. Sweet little chicken Bunny Puppy, Angus. 

The End

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