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Saturday, April 16, 2011

spa :]

It is officially official.

My sisters are the cutest on the land. True story.

Yesterday Savannah and Adi gave me a fabulous surprise.

They stuck me in a robe and next thing I know I was at a spa in the living room.

Savannah-buggie stuck my feet in a foot bath then followed that by giving me a wonderful foot massage.

Adi was my personal waitress. She fed me a lot of grapes, strawberries and wheat thins and made sure those cucumbers stayed on my eyes at all times.

Then I got a back and arm massage by Savannah. (Savannah has really strong hands...so these massages she gives are pretty much heavenly)

See? My sisters are the cutest, ever.

Thanks girls for giving me a lovely, lovely, lovely spa day!!! 

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