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Saturday, October 1, 2011


Did you watch General Conference, today? I did. Oh golly, I love General Conference. There is absolutely nothing better than hearing the council from the Prophet, the 12 Apostles and the rest of the church leaders. They are truly inspired men called of God.
My view from the floor watching the Saturday Afternoon Session 

Did you hear the news? Provo is getting a second temple!! Two temples in Provo! That news made my heart skip a beat or two. I can't wait to visit it...and stalk it while its being built! (:

Okay, so what was your favorite talk? I know there are still two sessions tomorrow {and Priesthood tonight for you lucky men} but you can have a favorite talk of the day, you know? I think I had three favorite talks, today, all in the afternoon session.

1) Ian S. Ardern. He talked about using our time wisely and prioritizing and making sure we use our time to serve God and prepare to meet God, one day. He specifically hit on technology distracting us from using our time wisely. I am guilty of this. I'm an avid Facebooker, blog-stalker, tweeter... Definitely something I'll have to work on. I'm thankful to have heard this talk. (& i loved his accent)

2) LeGrand R. Curtis Jr. He talked about the Plan of Redemption. I just love that we're all fortunate enough to be able to repent of our wrong doings and still make it back to live with Heavenly Father, someday, if we live a righteous life. We're far luckier than we deserve, you know?

3) D. Todd Christofferson. This one is probably my very favorite talk...so far. He, too, talked about repentance. Something that really stuck out to me is when he said there has to be effort behind repentance instead of just thinking of repentance in your mind, you need to actively change. Love it. He also talked about the 5 aspects of repentance. 1: The invitation to repent. 2: Striving to change. 3: Abandon sin/commit to obedience. 4: Willingness to persevere (sp?). 5: Whatever the cost of forgiveness, it is swallowed up by the joy of being forgiven. So amazing.
Taking notes (:
I feel like I smiled all through these two amazing sessions... I can't wait for tomorrow's sessions! (: I hope you all get the chance to listen to/watch/read the talks, too! They're truly inspired and will, without a doubt, help you in your life if you take the council with an open heart!
Yes, I still play Conference Bingo. No, you're never too old to do so.

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